26 years of no-holds-barred, independent journalism in Boulder County


For the last few years, Boulder Weekly has celebrated its anniversary by shining a light on the unsung heroes in our community. Over the years we’ve highlighted dozens of people working to make Boulder County a better place, and we’re grateful to highlight more do-gooders from every corner of the county this year. This is our way of saying thanks to the Boulder County community that supports us and makes this tiny section of the world an enjoyable place to live, work and play.

Jane Anderson brings ancient therapy and human compassion to hospice volunteer work —Caitlin Rockett

Boulder lawyer Phil Barber takes on pro bono immigration cases when he’s not representing communities in the oil and gas fight —Angela K. Evans

Jennifer Livovich helps chronically homeless with her Save-A-Toe initiative —Angela K. Evans

Kristel Jelinek Brown helps those with mental and physical disabilities write, produce and stage original pieces of theater —Matt Cortina

Ava Hamilton and the fight for indigenous knowledge —Rico Moore

Wendi Calder makes sure he neighbors get fed right —John Lehndorff

Canning at Crystal Springs Brewing Company —Michael J. Casey