Rest stops

Where to go before, during and after your bike rides for food and drink

The Merc Jamestown
"The Merc," as it's known far and wide, is a welcome sight after the eight-mile climb to Jamestown. Credit: Ray Keener

Ask a local long-distance cyclist: When you’re riding to a destination like Ward or Hygiene, is it the destination itself (“Just three more miles to The Mountain Fountain!”) or what awaits you (“I’m gonna crush a Magic Bar and a Gatorade so hard!”)? 

Either way, we hope you discover a new source of rest and refreshment by pedaling out to these nine cyclist-friendly stores and cafes.

Jamestown Mercantile Cafe
108 Main St.

Open since 1892, owner Rainbow Shultz says checking the website ( for hours is a good idea before heading up. “We’re mostly here in the evenings and weekend mornings, so pack water if you’re riding up on a winter weekday morning.” 

• Favored cyclist beverage: Mexican Coke

• Favored cyclist food: Pastries and weekend burritos

• Facilities: Bike parking, restrooms (“A bathroom inside when we are open,” Shultz says, and a porta-potty in the summer available at all hours) and free water — again, when the Merc is open. A water fountain across the street in the park is on from Memorial Day through the first frost.

Mountain Fountain in Hygiene stocks tubes and tools for cyclists.
Courtesy: Mountain Fountain

The Mountain Fountain
11809 N. 75th St., Longmont (Hygiene)

• Favored cyclist beverage: Skratch, Gatorade, espresso

• Favored cyclist food: Magic Bars, sandwiches made to order

• Facilities: Bike parking, restrooms (one indoor gender-neutral bathroom, two outdoor porta-potties) and water inside when the Fountain is open

Biking bonus: “We sell replacement tubes and CO2 cartridges and have a tire pump and a few other tools our cyclist friends may need,” owner Carrie Olson says. “We love our cyclist community!”

Gold Hill General Store and Pub
531 Main St.

“A big part of the reason I purchased the store was to keep consistent hours for cyclists and always have a drink and cookie or pie available for them when they get up here,” says Whitey DeBroux, who has owned the general store for five years. “Many of our employees are cyclists themselves, so naturally we are very welcoming.”

• Favored cyclist beverage: Mexican Coke, Eldorado Springs bottled water, Gatorade

• Favored cyclist food:  The cookie or apple pie

• Facilities: Bike parking (A-frame rack in back, hooks on side of building) restrooms (two-holer outhouse in back and one indoor bathroom) and water for $1 per bottle 

“There are no utilities in Gold Hill,” DeBroux says, “and we do not have a well.  We have to truck up our water from Boulder, and all of this is very expensive.”

Meadow Mountain Cafe
441 Business Route Highway 7, Allenspark

“Cyclists are welcome,” owner Daniel St. John says, with a caveat, “as long as they respect all our other customers.”

• Favored cyclist beverage: Coffee

Favored cyclist food: Pancakes, bagel with cream cheese

• Facilities: Restrooms, water — available at the cafe, but most cyclists prefer water from the public spring up the road about 200 yards

The Ward Mountain Exchange
62 Utica St.

“Riding up here is a major undertaking,” warns owner Shaz Swartz. “We believe in healthy as well as hearty fare for our hard-working cyclists. We’re paying special attention to sourcing organic and non-GMO foods.”

• Favored cyclist beverage: Espresso, coffee, smoothies, soda, ice cream, Skratch

• Favored cyclist food: Breakfast and lunch burritos, burgers and fries, pizza, chicken wings

• Facilities: Bike parking, restrooms (an always-open porta-potty) and mountain spring water available 24/7

Full Cycle owner Russ Chandler enjoys a beer at Full Cycle Cafe and Bar (then called The Tune-Up). Courtesy: Full Cycle

These businesses are popular pre- and post-destinations for rides 

Amante Coffee
Multiple locations; most bike-centric is 4580 Broadway in Boulder

Open since 2005, Amante is a popular starting point for group rides, including Wednesday Morning Velo. “We’re grateful that people came here for a ride and then developed a habit of coming to us,” says owner Jordan Karp. 

• Favored cyclist beverage: Post-ride lattes

• Favored cyclist food: Scones, muffins, stroopwafels 

• Facilities: Outdoor bike parking (no bikes inside), restrooms, water-bottle filler inside

Full Cycle Cafe and Bar (formerly The Tune-Up)
2355 30th St., Boulder

Seven years ago, “we started with a single beer tap and the desire to create a relaxed place for cyclists to hang out,” owner Russ Chandler says. “We’ve grown into a center for community activities, welcoming to new and expert riders alike.”

• Favored cyclist beverage: Beer (specifically IPAs), coffee drinks 

• Favored cyclist food: Empanadas, soft pretzels, charcuterie in the evenings

• Facilities: Bike parking (multiple bike racks inside and outside the store) two indoor restrooms and water available during store hours

Mark Flower Tasty fare awaits those who bike up Coal Creek Canyon to Wondervu Cafe. Courtesy: Wundervu Cafe

Looking for a canyon of a different color? Visit these good-as-gold spots run by Kathy Ott

Wondervu Cafe
33492 Highway 72, Golden

Located at the top of Coal Creek Canyon, Ott says the cafe and its staff “applaud and love to serve the hardy cyclists who endeavor to conquer our hill.”

• Favored cyclist beverage: Espresso, Gatorade

• Favored cyclist food: Signature breakfast burritos, house-made cinnamon rolls, house-made pie

• Facilities: Bike parking, restrooms, fresh mountain well water available during business hours

Canyon Tavern
32138 Highway 72, Golden

After you’ve conquered Coal Creek Canyon, stop in and celebrate on your way back down. “It’s a great place to enjoy the view while replenishing with some hoppy carbs,” Ott says.

• Favored cyclist beverage: Beer!

• Favored cyclist food: Pretzel bites, French fries, chicken wrap sandwich

• Facilities: Designated bike parking spots, two restrooms, water available during business hours