One man’s trash is another man’s business venture

Northeast of Denver in the small town of Hudson lies the largest tire dump in the U.S., known by many as Tire Mountain. Immediately south of Colorado Springs sits the nation’s second largest tire dump. Combined, the Rubber Manufacturing Association says, Colorado’s ...

To protect open space from fracking, join us for an Earth...

In early 2012 I participated in my first act of nonviolent direct action when the Boulder Earth Guardians and I shut down a Commissioners’...

The dirt on reusing soil

As summer turns into fall so will fall turn into winter — we pull the sweaters and coats toward the front of the closet and stow away the bathing suits, shorts and tank tops...

Money in CD2 race

Saturday, April 21, I attended the BoCo Dems candidate forum for Colorado’s second congressional district candidates Joe Neguse and Mark Williams. Attendees were asked...

Get rid of the ceiling to reach for the stars

On a cold January day, with temperatures hovering just around freezing, a group of 20 kids, 18 months to five years old, and a...

Float tank therapy

There’s a tricky conundrum for the writer who happens to find himself in the position of crafting an article about sensory deprivation. In order to fully appreciate the intended effects of the session, one has to allow the mind to wander, to turn inward. Yet, ...

Get in a hot tub, get healthy

Back in the Middle Ages, when public health, immunization and plumbing weren’t realities of daily life, things like feces, urine and butchered animal’s blood and guts would be left out in the streets. The black plague would soon follow...

Presidential selection transparency issues at the University of Colorado

With the selection of current interim President Todd Saliman as the sole finalist for the presidency of the University of Colorado system, CU’s governing...

How to steal an election without really trying

Step one: Get a group of buddies together, make it the kind of people who’d enjoy traveling First Class together, or maybe sharing a...

Pedaling through barriers

Biking has started to make a comeback in the U.S., in ways you might not imagine. Take, for instance, Pedal to Properties, a full-service...

Opinion: The irony of a Supreme mistake

How the Supreme Court’s evisceration of Roe vs. Wade may backfire

Becoming an abortion sanctuary

What does the reversal of Roe v. Wade mean for Colorado?