Only brewed in Boulder County

Five unique beers you can only find in our neck of the woods


The craft-brewing revolution has brought high-quality beer to communities across the country. The ubiquity of good brew might lead one to believe there’s nothing new to try. That’s not the case in Boulder County. Try these unique brews you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

Make Hay — Cellar West Artisan Ales

This oaked-saison — made with wild yeast, oats and rye — pairs the best aspects of saison (bready, spicy goodness) with a wine-like quality of wild yeast and barrel-aging. It’s a strong one (8.1 percent alcohol by volume) and drinks like a dense loaf of bread you don’t want to stop chewing.

Number One Belgian Tripel — Southern Sun

As bright as the midday sun with a beautiful, thick head of sweet foam softly sparkling in the glass, this tripel highlights the yeasty characteristics of banana and clove without covering up the delicious malts.

Billy’s Chilies — Twisted Pine Brewing Company

A light and bright wheat ale with Anaheim, Fresno, jalapeño, serrano and habanero peppers, which hit the front, back and both sides of the mouth with spice. An equally memorable beer is Billy’s big brother, Ghost Face Killah, which includes ghost peppers.

Plymouth Stuffing — VisionQuest Brewery

It’s a brown lager with a lot of Thanksgiving spices tossed in. It smells a bit like turkey gravy and tastes slightly like a dumpling, but a clean lager quality brightens up the palate and turns this hearty meal back into a delicious beverage.

Smores Stout — Wild Woods Brewing

This stout produces a delicious harmony of graham cracker, chocolate and slightly charred marshmallows — all achieved through the careful calibration of roasted barley, biscuit and chocolate malts, complex sugars and cacao nibs.

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