Fitness & Health 2016

VooDoo Hair Lounge stylist Trey Bower with client Mary Gibson

Hair Salon


2100 Pearl St., 303-449-4453

Second Place: Twig Hair Salon

Third Place: The SideDoor Salon

Fourth Place: Salon Salon

Fifth Place: The Parlour Hair Salon

If you need to get your hair done, Boulder County has a bunch of different options. There’s upscale salons, quirky salons, cheap salons, niche salons and more. What makes Voodoo Hair Lounge the choice for our readers is that this group of exceptional stylists can be accommodating across the spectrum of cuts, colors, styles, corrections and hair therapies. They do precision cuts and unique, head-turning coloring, and the stylists at Voodoo will help you decide what look is best for you. They serve both men and women and can be hired for weddings. You won’t need any dolls to mystically woo you into their shop — the promise of a great hair experience at Voodoo is more than enough.

Medical Facility


4747 Arapahoe Ave., 303-415-7000

Second Place: Boulder Medical Center

Third Place: Avista Adventist Hospital

Fourth Place: Kaiser Permanente

Fifth Place: Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center

Are you bleeding? Then you need to get to a hospital. And there’s no better hospital, according to our readers, than Boulder Community Health – Foothills Hospital. Whether you need to go in for a routine physical or you bashed your head on a large trough of carrots while at the farmers’ market, Foothills Hospital has got you covered. They have world-class doctors and nurses, with specialists to suit your every need. They can take care of your long-term illnesses, and can help you get out in front of more serious diseases so that you can get back to living your life.

Yoga Studio


1129 13th St., 303-440-8952

645 27th Way, 303-497-9642

3280 28th St., 303-440-3930

Second Place: Yoga Pod Boulder

Third Place: Little Yoga Studio

Fourth Place: BoulderBodyworks

Fifth Place: Soul Tree Yoga

It isn’t a stretch to say yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the United States today. It combines body and mind to create a mentally and physically challenging workout for all types of people. You needn’t be a contortionist to get going, and like math, you can easily build upon what you learn each time you hit the mat. That ease of progression is part of the reason why folks in Boulder like Core Power. They also like its easy-to-access locations, helpful teachers, engaging classes and affordability. Namaste? More like Yeah-maste.

Martial Arts


1672 30th St., 303-442-4330

Second Place: Easton Training Center

Third Place: Boulder Aikikai

Fourth Place: Boulder Kung Fu Academy

Fifth Place: Way of the Crane Martial Arts

You can find variants of mock combat in cultures throughout the world. From Greek wrestling, to accounts in India, the martial arts are an ancient part of our shared human history. In more modern times, Eastern martial arts have become increasingly popular in the West, with the help of Bruce Lee films and The Karate Kid. Now, martial arts are accessible to any and everyone, seeking the discipline and artistry the form requires. And with values of attitude, integrity, respect, self-control and heart, Boulder Karate has once again won best martial arts in Boulder. With expertly trained instructors and classes for all ages, Boulder Karate teaches mental and physical strength, and it shows.

Nail Salon


2005 Pearl St., 720-565-1020

Second Place: jlounge Natural Nail Bar and Spa

Third Place: Contempo Nails

Fourth Place: Boulder Nails

Fifth Place: Angel Nails

Our hands are our bread and butter — they let us grip things and feel things. Many of us rely on them for our livelihoods, whether that’s playing football or writing for a local alternative weekly newspaper. Hands are the way we interact with those we hold dearest, like when we hold hands with our partners or clasp the hand of a friend we haven’t seen in ages. That’s why we want our hands to look good. When our readers wants to get their hands looking great, they head to Ten20 for all their mani needs. Get a soak, cuticle work, buffing, massage, foot file and polish. Maybe add on a French manicure or customized nail art, or get your hands feeling soft as a baby’s you-know-what with a paraffin wax treatment. And this ain’t just for the ladies — gentlemen, drop by Ten20 for some nail maintenance.

Lasik Services

Boulder Eyes Beyer Lasik

1810 30th St., Suite B, 303-499-2020

Second Place: Boulder Eye Surgeons

Third Place: Boulder Vision Associates

Fourth Place: Dr. Bollenbacher & Associates

Fifth Place: Eyecare Center of Northern Colorado

Are you sick of doing eye tests without contacts and only making out that big E? Are you ready to wake up in a world where you don’t need to reach over to the night stand to grab your glasses? If you answered yes, then you may be ready for Lasik services. When handling a matter as important as your eyesight, you want someone you can trust. Our readers say Boulder Eyes Beyer Lasik is the best option. In business for more than 20 years, Boulder Eyes boasts a slew of positive testimonials. Their experienced and knowledgeable staff will help put you, and your eyes, at ease.

staff pix graphic_2016Celebrity to get Lasik surgery in Boulder


When you stumble on to some really dorky piece of trivia while pulling together the Best of Boulder issue, you just gotta share. So here it is: Kevin Costner is this year’s winner for best (only) celebrity to get Lasik surgery in Boulder. The single-faceted actor trusted his eyes to Boulder Eyes Beyer Lasik. After being referred to Dr. Beyer by an ophthalmologist in Santa Barbara, Costner was so pleased he sent his son to Boulder Eyes too! Now, let’s just hope the Lasik helps Costner’s acting as much as it did his eyes. Tatanka. Buffalo. Tatanka. Buffalo.

Indoor Climbing Gym


2829 Mapleton Ave., 800-836-4008, ext. 4

Second Place: Movement Climbing + Fitness

Third Place: The Spot Bouldering Gym

Fourth Place: ABC Kids Climbing

Fifth Place: Colorado Athletic Training School

Climbing is an amazing sport whether it finds you 1,000 feet off the ground on some chunk of granite or safely tied into a rope 15 feet off the deck in an indoor gym. For some, indoor gyms are for training, for others they are the end game. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, Boulder Rock Club has exactly what you are looking for, climbing at its best, regardless of weather conditions or lack of light. This club is family friendly and our readers tell us the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

staff pix graphic_2016Thing to look forward to in 2042


Remember those extra taxes we all agreed to pay in 2004? Those taxes RTD promised would fund the B Line train to Boulder, Louisville and Longmont by 2015? Well, in case you haven’t noticed (although there’s no way you couldn’t have) that B Line has yet to materialize. RTD recently said that, based on their projections, they anticipate to open the train by 2042. Yep, no joke, 2042. As in 26 years from now. When babies now in the womb will be done with college and maybe even grad school. When most of us will be collecting social security and unfortunately, some of us won’t be here anymore. So thanks RTD. Your delay of Line B gives us all something to look forward to, young and old alike.

Golf Course


5706 Arapahoe Ave., 303-442-7851

Second Place: Indian Peaks Golf Course

Third Place: Boulder Country Club

Fourth Place: Haystack Mountain Golf Course

Fifth Place: The Golf Club at Omni Interlocken Hotel

You may be in search of the elusive Masters’ green jacket. Or maybe you just like the fresh air and a good walk. Or maybe that delicious combination of iced tea and lemonade inspired you to get out on the green, tee up and hit some balls. Regardless of your motivation, golf is a great game for people of all ages and is a growing sport in the American landscape. Once again, Boulder Weekly readers voted Flatirons Golf Course the best course around. Operated and maintained by the City of Boulder for decades, this 18-hole course offers a view of the Flatirons, as well as events, tournaments and instruction programs. So pour your next Arnold Palmer and get out on the green!

staff pix graphic_2016Ethical dilemma in Sports


In this category, there are unfortunately a lot of controversies to choose from. We could have chosen soccer refs on the take; performance-enhancing drugs in darn near every sport; concussions in football and other sports; or… you get the idea. But we decided to choose a real dilemma that hits home to a sport Boulder County is famous for: climbing.  It seems the latest ethical question has to do with using drones to fly up and clip bolts ahead of the climber. We have the answer for you; it’s not at all unethical to use drones so long as you report having done the route with a top rope. No, it’s not leading a route if your robot goes ahead of you and makes sure you can’t fall. Like most “ethical dilemmas,” there is no dilemma so long as everybody tells the truth. Just a note — if you use a really big drone that lifts you to the top of the wall, that also is not leading the route.

Veterinary Care


3210 Valmont Road, 303-443-9661

Second Place: Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Third Place: Arapahoe Animal Hospital

Fourth Place: Boulder Veterinary Hospital

Fifth Place: Gunbarrel Veterinary Hospital

Pets are more than just furry creatures running around our homes, forcing us to clean up after them — they’re members of our families (and let’s be honest — at some point most of us were just little creatures running around being cleaned up after, so… ). So when our pets get sick or injured, we seek the same quality care for them that we would seek for ourselves. That’s why our readers take their pets to Alpine Hospital for Animals. These folks are as award-winning a vet’s office as you’ll find, and that’s pretty comforting when your fur baby is in need of help. But Alpine doesn’t just help cats and dogs — they also provide medical, surgical, dental and alternative care for rabbits, other small mammals and exotics (reptiles and amphibians). Ask about alternative therapies like acupuncture, K-Laster and Chinese herbs.

Gym/ Fitness Center


1821 30th St., 303-501-1700

Second Place: 24 Hour Fitness

Third Place: Rally Sport Health and Fitness Club

Fourth Place: YMCA of Boulder Valley

Fifth Place: North Boulder Recreation Center

There are lots of things people look for in a gym — up-to-date equipment, varied and accessible fitness classes, personal trainers, a family environment that provides childcare and maybe even a pool. The Colorado Athletic Club provides all this and more. Plus, the gym is filled with a lot of support and new friendships to be made. So whether your focus is to lose weight, regain flexibility, increase your speed or rehabilitate from an injury, Colorado Athletic Club is the place for you to be.



1100 Spruce St., 303-440-1992

Second Place: St Julien Hotel & Spa

Third Place: Massage Envy Spa

Fourth Place: The Dragontree Holistic Day Space

Fifth Place: Essentiels Day Spa

There’s more to getting a massage than just pampering yourself. While more research is needed to confirm the benefits of massage, the Mayo Clinic reports that some studies have found massage may be helpful for anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches, insomnia related to stress and sports injuries and other ailments. Bodywork Bistro makes it easy to get a massage with their “on-demand” program that lets you walk in at anytime for a chair, table or mat bodywork massage for varying durations. The best part? The affordable cost of these massages won’t add to your stress level. Feel free to call ahead to make an appointment for a private session massage as well. Choose from a number of massage techniques, including deep tissue, cranial sacral, hot stone, shiatsu and Thai yoga.

staff pix graphic_2016Place to Hit a Bus


Is your 2001 Volvo S60 giving you more trouble than it’s worth? Have you been wondering, “How will I ever sell this car for enough money to use as a down payment on a new car?” Are you fearless and a little addled from a few nights of insomnia? Do you enjoy being mocked by groups of undergraduate boys as they pass by you and the river of radiator fluid flowing from the carcass of your freshly smashed car? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you might consider hitting a bus in front of Naropa University. Just hit the bus at a low speed, not hard enough to hurt yourself, the bus or anyone on the bus. Friendly Naropa professors will ask if you need a ride home, and your insurance company will give you more money for the car than you ever thought possible. It’s worth the embarrassment you’ll get as PataGucci-clad Brosephs drive by and laugh. Keep it classy, Boulder. 

Skin Care Service


2880 Folsom St., Suite 200, 303-442-6647

Second Place: The Dragontree Holistic Day Spa

Third Place: IV Seasons Skin Care Clinic

Fourth Place: jlounge Natural Nail Bar and Spa

Fifth Place: Vasu Skin Solutions

Let me take you back to middle school biology with a one-question pop quiz. What is the largest organ of the human body? Time’s up. It’s the skin. National Geographic estimates an adult’s skin can weigh on average 8 pounds and that it takes up about 22-square feet. That’s a lot of skin to take care of, so you want to go to someone who knows just the right way to do so. Dermatology Specialists of Boulder will treat your skin with the care it deserves — every one of those 22-square feet.

Tanning Salon


1670 30th St., 303-447-8844

Second Place: Aspen Tan

Third Place: At the Beach

Fourth Place: Tans to Go

Fifth Place: Polish Tan & Nail Spa

Remember that episode of Friends where Ross goes to the tanning salon and is helped by a worthless customer service agent, which results in endless tanning of only his front side? Although it provided for great comic relief, the results were humiliating and could make anyone weary of sunless tanning. But have no fear at Veranda Sun. With custom spray tans by professionally trained technicians and offering 19 tanning beds, plus a range of other services, this tanning salon is sure to leave you feeling fresh and looking perfectly bronzed. As the first tanning salon in Boulder, established in 1983, Veranda Sun is again this year’s winner for best tanning salon in Boulder.



3405 Penrose Place, 303-443-3034

Second Place: Boulder Sports Acupuncture

Third Place: Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder

Fourth Place: The Dragontree Holistic Day Spa

Fifth Place: Aloha Wellness Associates

So how’s your qi flowing? If you don’t know, it’s probably been too long since your last visit to an acupuncturist. Qi is the life force that flows through you and all the other living things out there and when it’s out of whack, you can suffer from a multitude of aches and pains. We won’t pretend to tell you exactly how acupuncture works, we’ll leave that to the experts at Boulder Community Acupuncture. What we can tell you is that many of our readers swear by acupuncture, and they picked this place as their favorite place to get treatment. And did we mention that our readers are never wrong?

Pet Boarding


7275 Valmont Road, 303-442-2602

Second Place: Camp Bow Wow

Third Place: Divine Canine Pet Care Center

Fourth Place: Arapahoe Animal Hospital

Fifth Place: Gunbarrel Veterinary Hospital

You can tell a lot about Cottonwood Kennels just by driving up to the place. First of all, it’s out in the country on a small farm at the end of a long driveway, far from the hustle and bustle of the main road. It’s easy to tell they love animals here. From the parking lot, you’ll see squirrels and birds having fun, chasing each other around feeders and corn cobs. You can also observe the doggie play area, where you’ll see plenty of dogs having a blast together in the company of human supervision. When you come to pick up your best friend, you’ll get a full report: who was your pet’s best doggie pal; how did your pet sleep; did he eat well; how far did he run every day. It’s truly amazing care for your animal, which means you can relax and enjoy your time away. Peace of mind for you and your pet.   

MMJ Dispensary


845 Walnut St., 303-459-4676

Second Place: Helping Hands Herbals/ The Bud Depot

Third Place: 14er Holistics

Fourth Place: Terrapin Care Station

Fifth Place: Herbal Wellness

There’s quite a selection of medical marijuana dispensaries in Boulder, practically one on every corner. And while there are many good options, our readers chose The Dandelion as their favorite. The Dandelion boasts a long list of offerings with various options of indicas, sativas, topicals, edibles, extracts and more. With a helpful, friendly staff, you’ll be able to pick out something that’ll soothe any ailment. Plus, if you join their membership program and list The Dandelion as your caregiver, you’ll get some extra special benefits.

staff pix graphic_2016Worst Transportation Idea


If someone created a City of Boulder Class of 2015 yearbook, there would likely be a page or two devoted to the snafus that plagued our city. No issue so divided and aggravated many in Boulder more than right-sizing — the good-hearted but bone-headed decision to cut the lanes of major arterial roads in Boulder in half in order to put in bike lanes. Like other failed inventions like “moon pants” and “clown jazz,” we think it could’ve worked if it wasn’t such a bad idea.

Alternative Health Care


3000 Center Green Drive, Suite 230, 720- 273-3568

Second Place: Whole Body Balance

Third Place: Holistica Integrative Care

Fourth Place: Charley Cropley Naturopathic Doctor

Fifth Place: Chautauqua Health

When you don’t feel good, you don’t do good. If you want life to drastically improve, then the first step is getting your health in order. Our readers tell us Holos Health is the best place for alternative health care. The people over at Holos believe in “achieving balance with good medicine,” and their long list of services include medical cannabis evaluations, energy and shamanic healing, massage therapy, nutrition counseling and women’s health appointments. Stop on in today. Remember — feel good, do good.



2525 Arapahoe Ave., Suite C2, 303-440-8019

Second Place: Whole Body Balance

Third Place: Apex Chiropractic

Fourth Place: Swan Lake Chiropractic Health Center

Fifth Place: North Boulder Chiropractic

There’s nothing quite like the feeling after you’ve just wrapped up a visit to the chiropractor. They’ve adjusted you in ways you didn’t know you could be adjusted, and all of a sudden it feels like your skeleton fits together the way it was meant to. (And also makes you wonder what you’ve been doing to be so, uh, maladjusted. You know, skeletally.) When our readers need to get the best neuromuscular treatment, they turn to the folks at The Joint. The Joint offers licensed chiropractors at an affordable price (no insurance or appointments necessary!) in a warm and friendly setting. Their extended and weekend hours make them the most accessible doctor’s office ever. So don’t waste time — get those aches and pains straightened out at The Joint.

staff pix graphic_2016Safest Trail to Walk and Ride at Night


We know we’re a little premature on this one, but it has been proposed that a new trail system should be built to hook Boulder up with the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge, including a trail running right through Rocky Flats. This Wildlife Refuge was once home to one of the nation’s dirtiest nuclear facilities, and plutonium can still be found in the soil at the Refuge. So this will be a really safe trail. Just think about it: where else can you go for a bike ride or hike and wind up glowing in the dark? With trail users emitting a green glow, we think that pedestrian/bike incidents will be fewer, and just think how easy it will be to find lost hikers when they are emitting a beam. If not for the famed Chernobyl trail system, this might just have been the safest trail in the world.

Day Spa


900 Walnut St., 720-406-8218

Second Place: The Dragontree Holistic Day Spa

Third Place: Essentials Day Spa

Fourth Place: jlounge Natural Nail Bar and Spa

Fifth Place: Spavia

There is no question that the St Julien Hotel & Spa is one of Boulder’s crown jewels. Once again, our readers have voted the Spa at St Julien to be the best our county has to offer. This spa offers luxurious treatment in a luxurious setting. Come spoil yourself with manicures, pedicures, facials, exfoliating scrubs or a full body massage. Then hit the sauna and detox to your heart’s content. And while we know our readers always make great Best of Boulder choices, it’s good to know that Conde Nast Traveler has also selected the Spa at St Julien as one of the nation’s best. Just in case you needed a second opinion.   

Dance Studio


2590 Walnut St., 303-443-0028

Second Place: Alchemy of Movement

Third Place: The Avalon Ballroom

Fourth Place: Streetside Dance Studios

Fifth Place: Block 1750

Dancing is a fun way to get exercise, as well as a quick way to work the stress out. But of course it can also be a serious discipline that attracts some of the best athletes in the world. Our readers say is the best place to learn and practice any number of dancing styles at a bunch of different levels. Located in downtown Boulder, it’s easy for parents to get kids there, and it’s easy for adults to get there after work for their classes. For several decades, the Boulder Ballet Company has been churning out dancers and world-class performances. So, if dancing is a passion, that’s the place to be.

Dental Care


1001 North St., 303-447-1042

Second Place: Alpine Dental Health

Third Place: Sage Dental Care

Fourth Place: Boulder Dental Group

Fifth Place: BoulderSmiles

Annie taught us two valuable lessons: 1. The sun will, indeed, come out tomorrow — bet your bottom dollar. 2. You’re never fully dressed with out a smile. “It’s what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe.” And a healthy smile is a happy smile. To help get those teeth in tiptop shape, our readers voted North Boulder Dental Group as the place to go. Their friendly, professional staff will make visiting the dentist a pleasurable part of your day. With a strong, happy smile, you’ll surely be best dressed wherever you go.



2790 Pearl St., 303-442-2279

548 W. South Boulder Road, Unit C, Lafayette, 720-890-3868

Second Place: Al’s Barber Shop

Third Place: Voodoo Hair Lounge

Fourth Place: Silver & Gold Barbers and Stylists

Fifth Place: Alpine Barbers

We all know beards and mustaches are en vogue right now. They may always have been in Colorado, but with the hipster millennial wave of recent years, facial hair is becoming the norm. And great facial hair also takes a great deal of work, and a good barber can help. Floyd’s 99 Barbershop is once again Boulder’s favorite place for a shave, whether you’re after a handlebar, horseshoe or pyramidal mustache or chinstrap, soul batch or full beard. Plus, with the added bonus of a shoulder massage with each shave, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as an experience at Floyd’s.

MMJ Evaluation Service


3000 Green Center Drive, Suite 230, 720-273-3568

Second Place: Grass Roots Medical Clinic

Third Place: Relaxed Clarity

Fourth Place: Fully Alive Medicine

Fifth Place: Colorado Medical Marijuana

Well, they did it. Holos Health has been chosen, by our readers, as the best MMJ evaluation service for a fifth year in a row. Dr. Joe Cohen is obviously doing something right with his practice. So if you are suffering from health issues ranging from seizures to glaucoma to chronic pain to chemotherapy side effects or any number of other ailments, let Holos Health assist you in getting a state medical marijuana card. Help may be just around the corner.

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