Retail 2016

Lance Talon, tattooist/owner of Bolder Ink, client Seana Harker



2851 Valmont Road, 303-442-6663

Second Place: Fiori Flowers

Third Place: Boulder Blooms

Fourth Place: Lafayette Florist Gift Shop & Garden Center

Fifth Place: Longmont Florist Inc.

Here’s a fun little math problem. How many smiles have been brought into the world by Sturtz & Copeland? Figure at least a couple for every single rose, a half dozen for a larger bunch and maybe 20 or so for every arrangement. So then you multiply those numbers by all the flowers this business has sold since opening in 1929. For you math-challenged folks that’s 87 years worth of flowers and smiles. And yes, it is a trick problem. The truth is Sturtz & Copeland has brought so many smiles to Boulder County residents, it’s impossible to calculate the number. And even that makes us smile. No wonder our readers choose these folks year after year.

Dry Cleaners


3980 N. Broadway, Boulder, 303-443-0158

1631 Pace St., Longmont, 303-684-8585

300 E. Baseline Road, Lafayette, 303-665-2223

(and other locations in Boulder County)

Second Place: Boulder Cleaners

Third Place: John’s Dry Cleaners

Fourth Place: Environmental Cleaners

Fifth Place: Cache Cleaners

Taking your clothes to the dry cleaner can feel like a real chore, but Art Cleaners offers all customers a free pick-up and delivery service right from their home — or office! All you have to do is give them a call and they’ll take care of the rest. Art Cleaners will launder shirts and pants, pillows, delicate things like wedding gowns and even leather and suede. They also offer alteration services such as hemming, new zippers, button replacements, waist line adjustments and more!

Tattoo/Piercing Parlor


2735 Iris Ave., Suite A, 303-444-7380

Second Place: Tribal Rites Tattoo and Piercing

Third Place: Rising Tide Tattoo Emporium

Fourth Place: Claw & Talon Tattoo

Fifth Place: K&K Piercing & Jewelry

Tattoos and piercings tell the world a lot. They tell the world that you have style, and that your style is unique. They tell the world that you’re going to do you, no matter what. And they tell the world that you like art. Our readers chose Bolder Ink as their favorite tattoo/piercing parlor because they enable people to express themselves however they see fit. With great artists, affordable prices and a helpful staff, you’ll leave Bolder Ink with a fresh piece of art either on or in your skin.

Law Firm


1800 Broadway, Suite 300, 303-473-2700

Second Place: Caplan and Ernest LLC

Third Place: Frascona, Joiner, Goodman & Greensteen PC

Fourth Place: Berg Hill Greenleaf & Ruscitti LLP

Fifth Place: Hutchinson Black & Cook LLC

Boulder Weekly readers voted Holland & Hart LLP the best law firm in the city, and it’s easy to see why. With a long list of values including integrity, excellence, innovation, teamwork, diversity and living full lives, Holland & Hart exude standards Boulderites hold dear. Working with regional, national and international clients to find “integrated legal solutions” the firm offers a variety of expertise for businesses, financial institutions, real estate and government. Dedicated to diversity, the lawyers at Holland & Hart also serve the community through various pro bono and charitable work.

Auto Dealer — Used


2170 30th St., 303-938-0580

Second Place: Flatirons Imports

Third Place: Green Eyed Motors

Fourth Place: Boulder Used Cars (Gebhardt Automotive)

Fifth Place: Smooth Motors

Most of us rely on cars for everyday living. So when you find yourself in need of a car,  head on over to Blue Spruce Auto Sales to find a reliable car at a good price. Voted best used auto dealer in Boulder by our readers, Blue Spruce has no shortage of Colorado-worthy cars to choose from, and with in-house financing it’s one-stop-shopping to find the car that meets all your transportation needs.  You can still bike, you can still bus, but you can also have a great car.

Auto Service / Repair shop


2560 49th St., 303-938-4050

Second Place: Hoshi Motors

Third Place: Super Rupair

Fourth Place: The Boulder Bump Shop

Fifth Place: AutoHaus of Boulder

Man, there is nothing more frustrating than not having a good mechanic when you need one. We don’t need some hack telling us we need a fizzlediff replacement when we just had our fizzlediff replaced at another shop like two weeks ago. That’s why it’s good to have a reliable shop to bring your car to when it breaks down or needs a tune-up. Our readers say Pellman’s Automotive Service is the best in Boulder. They have an excellent staff of capable mechanics, friendly customer service, fair prices and, most importantly, they won’t jerk you around. For any number of routine checks to replacement work, visit Pellman’s.

staff pix graphic_2016Best Adult Boutique


3135 28th St., 303-442-7309

Let’s not be coy. A healthy sex life is an essential aspect of human nature. Or as Marilyn Monroe put it, “Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.” Well, if MayBee by Fascinations had been around in Marilyn’s day, we’re guessing she would have spent a fair amount of time shopping there for Boulder’s best selection of romantic apparel, intimacy items and personal accessories. When Blockbuster closed its last Boulder location a couple of years ago, the time was right for Fascinations to expand its offerings and take over the location on 28th Street with a partially rebranded concept. MayBee has created a softer feel from the original Fascinations store by adding bath and body items, health and wellness products, and an expanded selection of intimate apparel. If your love life could be more enjoyable (and whose couldn’t?) you might want to pay them a visit. What would Marilyn do?

Clothing Store — Used


1813 Pearl St., 303-938-1924

Second Place: Rags Consignment

Third Place: ARC Thrift Store

Fourth Place: Common Threads

Fifth Place: Plato’s Closet

For many folks, the buffalo conjures up images of the American West, and when Kerstin Block opened the first Buffalo Exchange in Tucson, Arizona, in 1974, the Swede thought there was no word that sounded more American than buffalo. And so the Buffalo Exchange was born, and today, one sits on Pearl Street here in Boulder — the home of the University of Colorado Buffaloes. This trendy consignment shop is a great place to find those pieces that become staples in your wardrobe, from shoes to dresses to pants to accessories. It’s also a great place to give your gently worn clothes and accessories a second life — and you can get cash or in-store credit for your trade-ins. Just call before your visit to get a better idea of what they’re looking for.

Hot Tub/ Jacuzzi store


2347 South St., 303-443-0821

Second Place: Mountain Mist Spas

Third Place: Heat Wave Stove & Spa

Fourth Place: International Hot Tubs

Fifth Place: Quality Pools & Spas

In Scrabble, “JACUZZI” is worth 34 points. Add on 50 extra bingo points for using all your letters and you got yourself 84 whopping points. That’s a score that will easily piss off the other players who will accuse you of cheating. Suddenly, a fun, friendly game of Scrabble could quickly turn into a stressful screaming match, which afterwards will require a relaxing activity, preferably in warm bubbly water. And what’s more relaxing than a Jacuzzi? If your Scrabble woes have you got you down, then head over to Mr. Pool Inc. to pick yourself up a new stress reliever.

Pipe Shop


1144 Pearl St., 303-443-7473

Second Place: The Fitter

Third Place: Buddha’s and Goudha’s

Fourth Place: Freaky’s Smoke Shoppe and Tattoo

Fifth Place: Crystal Dragon

When you’re looking to create a unique smoking experience for yourself or a group of friends, head to Mile High Pipes and Tobacco to find the paraphernalia that will take your smoke-out to the next level. Mile High sells glass pipes, vaporizers, vapor pens, oil pens, blunt wraps, rolling papers and other smoking accessories. At Mile High, they think glass gives you the best smoking experience, so check out their unparalleled selection of quality glass hookahs and bongs, from classic brands like Roor, Liquid, Zob, HGB and Custom Creations. Their glass cases feature exquisitely crafted blown glass from Colorado artists and others from around the world. With a constantly updated product selection, drop by regularly to see what Mile High Pipe and Tobacco has to offer.

staff pix graphic_2016Best Way to Care for Your Dog When You Can’t


Boulder is arguably the most dog-friendly community in America. With a dog living in one out of three households, four off-leash dog parks and 130 miles of trails that allow off-leash hiking, what canine wouldn’t want to live in Boulder? The only downside of having a dog is how to handle your doggie’s needs when you’re out of town, at work or just too busy to frolic with your furry friend. That’s where Boulder Doggie Adventures (BDA) comes in. On days when you have to earn your kibble, they’ll come by your place, pick up your dog and take him or her on a fun, energetic, outdoor adventure that ensures a good night’s sleep for both you and your best friend. And if you need to head out of town, BDA will provide loving, expert care for your pet and even pick up your mail, water your plants and take out your garbage.

Hardware store


2525 Arapahoe Ave., Suite D1, 303-443-1822

Second Place: Home Depot

Third Place: Table Mesa Hardware

Fourth Place: Jax Ranch & Home

Fifth Place: Ace Hardware

So what’s the secret to the success of this hardware juggernaut? Do what you know how to do in a community you care about. Bill McGuckin opened McGuckin Hardware in 1955 and despite all the competition that has come along since then, his creation has remained the most successful hardware store in the area. The employees are knowledgeable, friendly and plentiful. And the old saying that “if McGuckin’s doesn’t have it, nobody does,” still rings true. It’s truly the only hardware store we know where people just stop in to look around and maybe pick up something like a lawnmower or volleyball net or a set of dishes, a birdhouse or a new art easel. They have an aisle dedicated to glue. Amazing place, McGuckin. Check it out.

Clothing Store — Children’s


3183 Walnut St., 303-442-2703

Second Place: Gymboree

Third Place: Poppy

Fourth Place: Nest Children’s Boutique

Fifth Place: Once Upon A Child

You know what they say: dress for the job you want, not the job you have. This is especially important for children. The way you dress as a child sets the course for your whole life. So if your kid wants to be a cowboy, then get the proper hat. A ballerina? Tie on a tutu. A corporate lawyer? A three-piece suit is the way to go. Spiderman? You get the picture. To get little ones dressed for success, our readers head to Childish Things Boutique, Boulder’s oldest and largest consignment store serving kids and moms-to-be.

staff pix graphic_2016Place for Boulderites to Eat if They Were House Pets


2750 Glenwood Drive, Suite 3, 303-442-0777

Here in Boulder, we take our food pretty seriously. We like things to be free of everything — GMOs, artificial colors and sweeteners, hormones, antibiotics, MSG, hydrogenated oils, chaparral… basically, we want our food to be food. Nothing added, nothing taken away. And the folks at Marty’s Meals understand that if we want that for ourselves, we want that for our pets. Why should our four-legged friends eat highly processed dry kibble when they were created to eat meat and raw vegetables and grains? That’s exactly what Marty’s Meals are made from.

New Business


2525 Arapahoe Ave., 303-954-8033

Second Place: Boulder Massage Therapy Institute

Third Place: ALOC Media

Fourth Place: Thrive

Fifth Place: Arcana

Businesses come and go, and so we should celebrate when a new one comes in and it does awesome things. That’s why there’s reason to celebrate Lillies, a new shop in Boulder that was our readers’ choice for best new business. They sell fairly traded, Earth-friendly, meaningful goods as well as organic and natural fiber clothing. There’s something for everyone at Lillies, and you’ll have a clean conscience for shopping there. The motto at Lillies is that everything, each skirt, bracelet, purse, etc., has a story. And that’s a refreshing outlook for a business.

staff pix graphic_2016Place to buy a kite (and get free babysitting, sort of)


1408 Pearl St., 303-449-5906

If you live in Boulder County, you’ve spent time spinning tops, bouncing balls or making wind-up toys dance at Into the Wind. Admit it. No matter your age this place is an oasis of fun after dragging the kids up and down the Pearl Street Mall a few laps. It also happens to be the best kite store around. And as a bonus, all those toys and bells and whistles and balls and tops and wind-up toys make pretty good babysitters. They’ll keep the kids occupied for hours. But even if you feel tempted to do so, don’t leave the kids at this magical toy store and head off for dinner or drinks. It’s not that kind of babysitting. And when the kids are done entertaining themselves, make sure you take a few toys home as a way of saying thanks for all the fun.

Optical Store


2525 Arapahoe Ave., Suite E-23, 303-447-0210

Second Place: Boulder Vision Center

Third Place: Envision Boulder

Fourth Place: College Optical

Fifth Place: Wink Optical

Aspen Eyewear is a third-generation, family-owned business that cares for your eyes and all your optical needs. The store also boasts the largest selection of frames in Boulder, lightning fast service and claims its on-sight master optician “has been known to pull off miracles fixing busted frames.” That’s just what you’d expect from a company that has been building loyalty with its customers and obviously a lot of our readers for more than 25 years.

staff pix graphic_2016Place to Create an Alter Ego


1123 Pearl St., 303-447-0065

Stephen Colbert, Tony Clifton, Ziggy Stardust, Sasha Fierce, Jo Calderone, Camille, Luke the Drifter… celebrities have long used alter egos as a way to break free of the confines placed on them by the magnitude of their fame. Why shouldn’t you be able to let your alter ego come out and play? Goldmine Vintage can help you dress your second self for success. With a great selection of vintage and contemporary clothing for men and women, Goldmine is a one-stop shop for all your alter ego outfitting needs.  Whether you need bellbottoms or leather chaps, whether you’re going for Little House on the Prairie or Hedwig and the Angry Inch, you’ll find the clothes and accessories you need to let your alter ego shine.

Grocery Store


3960 Broadway, Unit 104, 303-444-0215

Second Place: King Soopers

Third Place: Whole Foods Market

Fourth Place: Sprouts Farmers Market

Fifth Place: Alfalfa’s Market

Lucky’s Market is as good as it gets, say our readers. With a couple locations in the county and a third on the way, Lucky’s is stretching its reach around here. They’ve got some of the best produce and meat available in any local grocery store, most of which is sourced from local producers. Their prices are low, and their staff is friendly. They’ve also got a bunch of fresh baked bread and prepared dishes. Their aisles are filled with everything you need to fill your pantry, from soups to paper towels to soap. They also have a large vegan and gluten-free selection.

Computer — Retail


1755 29th St., 720-479-9451

Second Place: Best Buy

Third Place: The Mac Shack

Fourth Place: Costco Wholesale

Fifth Place: Office Depot

Buying a new computer can be a daunting process — it’s a big investment, and there are lots of questions to consider before you drop a dime. What do I need my computer to do? What software do I need to get my work done? What hardware supports that software? Do I need service and support after I purchase the computer? How much money can I spend? Is there a way I can finance this big purchase? Whew! With so many questions, you want a staff that can help you find just the machine to suit your needs, and our readers say when it comes time to buy a new computer, the Apple Store is the place to go. The friendly folks at the Apple Store will talk you through all of your concerns and help you walk away knowing you’ve made a sound computer purchase.

Hydroponic Store


6395 W. Gunpark Drive, 303-473-4769

Second Place: One Love Garden Supply

Third Place: Victory Hydro Gardening

Fourth Place: Green Piece Pipe and Hydro

Fifth Place: Aquaponics

When you want to get your hydroponic garden up and running, head over to Way to Grow to talk to the expert growers and shop the huge selection of lights, soil, nutrients and hydroponic equipment. Whether you want to grow indoors or out, Way to Grow will have the tools to get you growing, from organic compost teas to bat guano and fluorescent and HID lighting.Way to Grow places the customer first, which is why you’ll always have a stellar experience when you drop by.

Gift Shop


1235 Pearl St., 303-449-5847

Second Place: Jacque Michelle

Third Place: Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery

Fourth Place: Bliss

Fifth Place: Artmart Gifts

In the day of gift registries and gift cards, the art of thoughtful gift giving has significantly declined. But forsake the convenience of pre-asked-for trinkets and goods, and check out Peppercorn the next time it’s your bossß birthday or your best friend’s wedding or your out-of-town relatives want some Colorado apparel. From kitchen gadgets, to kids’ toys and collectibles, you’re sure to find a unique gift for anyone and everyone. And who knows, you might just find a little goodie for yourself, too. Better yet, create your own gift registry at Peppercorn and get exactly what you want from the people you love.


Boulder Book Store

1107 Pearl St., 303-447-2074

Second Place: Barnes & Noble Booksellers

Third Place: The Bookworm

Fourth Place: Trident Booksellers
and Café

Fifth Place: The Book Cellar

There’s nothing quite like curling up on a window seat or comfy chair with a hot drink in hand and getting lost in the pages of a great book, excitedly turning each page to find out what happens next. Which is why a good bookstore is a necessity. Head on over to Boulder Book Store on Pearl Street to find your next great read. It’s not just about buying a book, but creating community. And the staff can help you find anything you’re looking for and the events calendar features a range of author talks and other happenings to choose from.

Camera/ Video/ Photofinishing


2500 Pearl St., 303-443-1715

Second Place: Costco Wholesale

Third Place: Photo Craft Imagine

Fourth Place: Walgreens

Fifth Place: Memories to Digital

Once upon a time, in this very kingdom in which you live, people would wield fancy boxes and heavy, hot lights, all for the possibility of capturing a beautiful photograph. They would capture these photos on celluloid film strips and take those strips into dark rooms and spend hours with pans of chemicals developing the pictures. Crazy, right? Today, most of us carry amazing digital cameras and Mike’s Cameras has a fantastic selection. While we may not use dark rooms as much as we used to, there are some folks who still take the art of film photography and finishing pretty seriously, and again, Mike’s has everything you need for your art. Also, our readers tell us you should head over to Mike’s if you’d like to get a great print of a picture, whether it was taken on film or digitally.

Computer — Repair


1755 29th St., 720-479-9451

Second Place: Boulder Mac Repair

Third Place: The Mac Shack

Fourth Place: Boulder PC

Fifth Place: 303 Computers

When you need the businesses listed above, you really need them. This category really should be retitled. It’s not enough to just call it “computer repair” in this day and age. Maybe we should call it, “Help, my entire life just went blank.” Or how about ,“Please save me, I’m not smart enough to breathe without Google.” Yep, that screen goes blank these days and you just lost access to every photo and word you ever created along with most of your base of knowledge since the early 1990s, which for a lot of people is their entire base of knowledge. But don’t worry, our readers tell us that the Apple Store is pretty good at putting your digital life back together after you drop it on the sidewalk or open that strange attachment promising wealth or sex or some other human desire. You’ll be OK, digitally speaking that is.

Pet Store


2828 30th St., 303-245-9909

Second Place: PetSmart

Third Place: Humane Society of Boulder Valley

Fourth Place: Whole Pets Natural Pet Food & Supplies

Fifth Place: Only Natural Pet Store

Pets aren’t just additions to family, they are an integral part of our every day lives. They are ompanions, friends, confidants. Pets make us laugh when we’re feeling blue and comfort us in our time of need. They can also be rascals, making messes, peeing on our stuff and eating our shoes. Regardless, a well-cared for pet is a happy pet, so head over to PC’s Pantry for Dogs and Cats, Inc. for all your pet care needs. Your furry friends are welcomed into the store with a treat and the bakery even makes barkday cakes to celebrate every four-legged milestone. Become part of the PC’s family today!

staff pix graphic_2016Place to Shop When You Have No Idea What the Perfect Gift Is


1118 13th St., 303-442-8602

All right, meow. You’re in the City of Boulder and you’re looking for a gift for your friend/sister/mother/niece, and you need one right meow. You have no idea what to get your friend/sister/mother/neice, but the challenge you face meow is finding them a unique gift at a reasonable price. Meow, where are you going to go? Well, Meow Meow Boutique, of course. This store has quirky and cute gifts, jewelry, accessories and women’s clothing, art prints and locally handmade soaps, books and postcards, knick-knacks and whozits and whatzits galore. You couldn’t ask for a better gift shop, meow could you?

Clothing Store- Men’s


1789 28th St., 303-583-9970

Second Place: Nordstrom Rack

Third Place: Buffalo Exchange

Fourth Place: Patagonia Outdoor Clothing & Gear

Fifth Place: Jax Outdoor Gear

When it comes to shopping for clothes, men (or the women who shop for them) once again chose Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI) as the best place to find attire. From jackets to board shorts, and cycling clothing to hoodies, REI has clothing for any activity and casual weekend hangouts. Plus, the store also has any number of outdoor gadgets and gears to match that new outfit. So guys, head on over to REI and find the perfect wardrobe for any season.

Auto Dealer — New


5995 Arapahoe Ave., 303-443-0114

Second Place: Larry H. Miller Toyota Boulder

Third Place: Fisher Honda Kia

Fourth Place: Audi Boulder

Fifth Place: Gebhardt BMW

Remember that feeling when you bought that first new car? The only thing you wanted in the world was to grab your friends, crank up the tunes and head it on down the highway. That’s what it should always feel like when buying a new car. Forget words like financing, warranty, document fees, API, insurance or terms and agreements. Feel that first car excitement all over again. Stop by Flatirons Acura and Subaru for all your new car needs. And get ready to turn up the music.

Carpet / Flooring store


4920 N. 28th St., 303-442-3221

Second Place: McDonald Carpet One Floor & Home

Third Place: Carpet Exchange

Fourth Place: Go Green Flooring

Fifth Place: Boulder Stove & Flooring

What’s the one thing below us every time we’re inside a building? That’s right, a floor with carpet or some other covering. And we don’t think about how ubiquitous the floor is in our every day life. Too often it gets maligned, but just because we walk on it, doesn’t mean it’s not important. Floors matter. That’s what we assume the list of winners for best carpet / flooring in Boulder believe, especially our readers’ pick for the best: Atlas Flooring. Aside from having a cool barn as a store in North Boulder, Atlas has every kind of floor you could possibly want and they have the prices and staff to help you bring those floors home.

Liquor store


1955 28th St.,

Second Place: Liquor Mart

Third Place: Superior Liquors

Fourth Place: North Boulder Liquor

Fifth Place: Boulder
Wine Merchant

We love liquor. It makes the bad times better and the good times better. It just makes life better… in moderation of course. And when we need liquor, or wine or beer, we think our readers’ selection of Hazel’s Beverage World is a fine choice. They’re gigantic, first of all. They have rows upon rows of liquor from around the world, from big makers and craft distillers. That backs up the large selection of world wines, beers and cigars. They also have tastings on the weekend with a helpful staff, enabling you to try something new every week. Plus they have photos of World War II fly girls everywhere, and that’s cool. Go women!

Mattress store


2830 Arapahoe Ave., 303-440-0288

Second Place: Denver Mattress Company

Third Place: Verlo Mattress Factory

Fourth Place: Boulder Furniture and Mattress

Fifth Place: Mattress Firm/American Furniture Warehouse (tie)

OK, we were going to write something funny about the difference between rural mattresses and urban mattresses. But we’ll leave the punch line to that one for your imagination. It turns out Urban Mattress is a pretty cool company and now we know exactly why our readers chose them. This company’s stated goal is simple: “to continually grow our business by consistently doing the right thing and in the process help to make our customers our greatest fans. We’ve changed the mattress-buying process from slick and tricky, to honest and fair, and we intend to keep it that way.” Works for us, and they donate 2 percent of every sale to local charities. I’d like to see a rural mattress company try that.

Solar Systems supplier


4571 Broadway, 303-447-0300

Second Place: SolarCity

Third Place: Flatiron Solar

Fourth Place: Custom Solar

Fifth Place: Lighthouse Solar

With the historic climate agreement reached by 195 nations in Paris in 2015, it’s clear renewable energy is humanity’s only hope to curb greenhouse gas emissions and keep global temperatures from rising that critical 2 degrees Celsius before the end of the century. A large part of renewable energy is the rapidly expanding solar industry and Namaste Solar in Boulder is a leading force in both public and private solar partnerships around the country. With experts available to help with installations, rebate programs, feasibility studies and design, Namaste is an employee-owned business that has installed close to 3,000 solar systems over the last decade.

staff pix graphic_2016Way to Support the Global Economy


This one is a no-brainer. If you want to use your hard-earned money to support the global economy, all you have to do is drive back and forth to Denver in the toll lanes on U.S. 36. Every dollar you donate to drive on what was once a public highway before the state basically sold it (50-year lease) to a foreign company called Plenary Group goes straight into the world economy. That’s because Plenary has offices from Singapore to Sydney to Vancouver. And when you give these guys your money, you’re not just buying public highways around the world and turning them into turnpikes, you’re also building prisons and investing in the world’s water resources. Well, investing may not be the right word. Lets just call it being fleeced to support the global economy.

Lingerie Store


2425 Canyon Blvd., Suit 100, 303-443-2421

Second Place: Victoria’s Secret

Third Place: MayBee by Fascinations

Fourth Place: Macy’s

Fifth Place: SOL

When you want to feel sexy, take a trip to Christina’s Luxuries, where their specialty is making you feel beautiful with their high-quality lingerie, clothing, sleepwear, swimwear, accessories, natural body care and perfumes. Christina’s carries chic fashion brands like Le Tarte, Enza Costa and Velvet, for both everyday wear and sleepwear. And Christina’s doesn’t forget how important it is to feel beautiful when you’re expecting, so drop by and check out their stunning selection of maternity wear for that mother-to-be in your life. Men, Christina’s didn’t forget about you — they carry SAXX underwear, arguably the most comfortable, high-performance underwear ever made specifically for men. We’re not quite sure what the high-performance part is all about, but rest assured, we’re going to drop by Christina’s and grab a pair of SAXX to find out.

Moving Company


4949 N. Broadway, Suite 110, 303-443-4885

Second Place: A Boulder Moving Co.

Third Place: Boulder Valley Transfer

Fourth Place: Flatirons Moving and Storage

Fifth Place: The Moving Connection

Moving sucks. It’s the worst. You think it’s not going to be that bad. You plan and prep and you try to make it as effortless as possible. But it never works. On your eighth trip up to your four-story apartment, you’ll inevitably grab a box that wasn’t marked “Fragile” and the bottom will break and all of your grandmother’s fine china will smash into a million pieces, which you’ll have to clean up. Let me reiterate: moving sucks. So skip the headache and call the movers. Taylor Moving and Storage is our reader’s pick for best moving company. Sit back, relax, and don’t move a muscle, because moving sucks.

Costume Shop


959 Walnut St., 303-443-2850

Second Place: Candy’s Vintage Clothing & Costumes

Third Place: Theatrical Costumes, Etc. & Trendy Boutique

Fourth Place: Goldmine Vintage

Fifth Place: Moon Rabbit Cosplay

Contrary to popular belief, costumes aren’t just for Halloween. Sometimes you just need a cape on a Saturday night. Or maybe even a wig to freak out the in-laws who are coming to town. What about a Mardi Gras mask in February or a pirate costume for that themed-birthday party? Leis for that summer Hawaiian barbeque or a pair of fairy wings just because? The Ritz Costumes and Clothing offers get-ups year-round for any occasion. Even if you don’t need a costume, per se, it’s a great place to wander around… you never know what you just might find.

Clothing Store – Women’s


1601 29th St., 720-887-3588

Second Place: Anthropologie

Third Place: Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)

Fourth Place: Urban Outfitters

Fifth Place: prAna

When it comes to clothes, women have a bunch of options in Boulder. From active to formal, and everything in between, how does one separate one store from the other given the variables of price, comfort, style and convenience? Luckily, Boulder has a Nordstrom Rack, where top-line clothes, shoes and accessories are marked down considerably from Nordstrom’s normal prices. But the Rack’s clothes are still in-season and fashionable. You want pants? Nordstrom Rack has pants. You want a colorful ascot? Nordstrom Rack has a colorful ascot. We can play this game for hours, or you can just go to Nordstrom Rack. Your call.

Jewelry Store


1402 Pearl St., 303-443-1084

Second Place: Todd Reed

Third Place: Walters & Hogsett Fine Jewelry

Fourth Place: Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery

Fifth Place: Angie Star Jewelry

Diamonds last forever and apparently so does Hurdle’s Jewelry. Chester L. Hurdle moved from Missouri to Boulder, bought an existing jewelry store, remodeled it and reopened it as Hurdle’s Jewelry in 1947 in the 1400 block of Pearl Street. After a couple of moves, Hurdle’s found its way to its present location in 1957. Chester “Bud” Hurdle started working in the store with his dad after returning from Korea in 1953. And in 1978, Bud’s son, Keith Hurdle, started working in the family business full time, and he’s still there. There’s been a lot of gemology wisdom passed down at this place and we think that’s why our readers like Hurdle’s so much. It’s great to see a family business succeed generation after generation.



Valmont Road and N. 75th Street, 303-442-5330

Second Place: Cure Organic Farm

Third Place: Isabelle Farm

Fourth Place: Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy

Fifth Place: Anderson Farms

Farms are integral to the American way of life. And more recently, the small farm has become the last bastion of quality food for many people. We’re fortunate to have so many small farms in Boulder County, and out of many great ones, our readers chose Munson Farms as the best. Out in East Boulder, they have a huge plot of land and a convenient farm stand, where they sell seasonal veggies, fruits and more. They have pumpkins and evergreen trees for sale when appropriate times of year come around, too. Folks like their reliability, friendliness, affordability and diversity of produce. On a sad note, Munson Farms’ Bob Munson passed away this year, and the entire Boulder County community will miss him.

Furniture store


10550 Jake Jabs Blvd., Firestone, 303-684-2400

Second Place: Clutter Consignment

Third Place: No Place Like Home New & Used Furniture

Fourth Place: Woodley’s Fine Furniture

Fifth Place: The Amazing Garage Sale

American Furniture Warehouse is a Colorado staple, so it’s no wonder that our readers chose it as the best furniture store. Jake Jabs founded American Furniture Warehouse in 1975 in Denver when he bought and rebranded the 90-year-old struggling American Furniture Company. More than 40 years later, people still rely on the Colorado company and it now has spread to 13 stores across the state and Arizona. Plus, American Furniture Warehouse, hands down, has the best commercials featuring tigers sitting on couches. No contest there.

Green Business  — “The Boulderganic Award”


1651 Broadway, Boulder, 720-420-8400

785 E. South Boulder Road, Louisville, 303-457-5100

Second Place: Eco-Cycle

Third Place: Ocean First Divers

Fourth Place: Namasté Solar 

Fifth Place: Green Ride Boulder/ Momentum (tie)

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the greenest business of them all? Well, our readers say it’s Alfalfa’s Market. In a county like ours, it’s hard to stand out in a sea of environmentally friendly businesses, but Alfalfa’s promotes eye-catching sustainability with a fierce commitment to local organic produce and tireless support of the community that built the grocery store into the local empire it has become. In addition to selling local goods produced without GMOs or hormones, Alfalfa’s also makes sure to spread the love by partnering with Community Food Share to distribute food to those in need around Boulder and Broomfield counties, and Growing Gardens, a nonprofit that offers gardening-based programs to promote sustainable urban agriculture. We’ve got great gigs here at Boulder Weekly, but we’ve gotta agree with Leftover Salmon: “I wanna work at Alfalfa’s!”

Natural Foods store


2355 30th St., Boulder, 303-402-1400

100 W. South Boulder Road, Lafayette, 303-926-1600

1745 N. Main St., Longmont, 303-684-8200

Second Place: Whole Foods Market

Third Place: Lucky’s Market

Fourth Place: Alfalfa’s Market

Fifth Place: Sprouts Farmers Market

To explain why our readers think Vitamin Cottage by Natural Grocers is the best natural foods seller in all of Boulder County, maybe it’s easiest to list what they don’t sell. At Natural Grocers, you won’t find any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, no bleached flours or cloned animals or dairy products. They no longer sell dairy products that come from confinement dairies, and all dairy products must meet strict quality and humane treatment guidelines, such as pasture grazing minimums and no bovine growth hormones or GMO alfalfa. Similarly, their meat standards require no hormones, no ionophores and no disease-treating antibiotics. Natural Grocers sells no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, no irradiated food, MSG or non-organic produce. And that’s just what they won’t allow in the food they sell. The list of no-nos is similarly long for supplements and body care products. So if you’re looking for the best natural products you can find, Vitamin Cottage is the place to be.

Arts & Crafts Supplies


2525 Arapahoe Ave., Suite D1, 303-443-1822

Second Place: Michael’s

Third Place: Meininger Art Supply

Fourth Place: Guiry’s Color Source

Fifth Place: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft

Ever wake up and think, “Today’s the day I finally carve a giant life-size zebra for my front yard.” Too ambitious? How about deciding to start painting or working with clay or creating any multitude of other art projects? Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it isn’t right around the corner. And when that time comes, our readers tell us the best place to find all your arts and crafts supply needs is at McGuckin Hardware. Yep that McGuckin Hardware, the one you can walk out of equipped to build a space shuttle or just keep your yard greener than your neighbors. They really do have everything.

Music Store


2691 30th St., 303-443-8448

Second Place: Woodsong’s

Third Place: Lafayette Music

Fourth Place: The Boulder Drum Shop

Fifth Place: Wildwood Guitars

Sentimental music has this great way of taking you back somewhere at the same time that it takes you forward, so you feel nostalgic and hopeful all at the same time,” writes Nick Hornby in High Fidelity. Or says John Cusack in the film of the same name. And the same could be said of any type of music, created by any kind of musical instrument. So head on over to Robb’s Boulder Music and check out their vast assortment of keyboards, guitars, drums and more. You can even pick up a mandolin or harmonica to create folky, feel-good music or guitar amp and mixer to write some soulful rock. As Boulder’s pick for best music store, Robb’s has it all.

Auto Detailing


3100 28th St., 303-447-9274

Second Place: Alpine Auto Detailing

Third Place: The Works

Fourth Place: Boulder Auto Detail

Fifth Place: Buffs Car Wash

Whether you’re about to go on that important first date or haul a car full of tipsy college students home from the bar as their Lyft driver, you want to make sure your car is impeccably clean. When our readers want to get their cars gleaming like they just drove off the lot, they go to Puddle Carwash for an auto detailing experience unlike any other. This family-owned business has been offering the full spectrum of cleaning since 1973. They offer interior, exterior and bumper-to-bumper detailing, and their friendly and knowledgeable staff will talk you through your time and budget requirements so you can drive away — in your oh-so-shiny car — knowing you got the best deal for your money.

Outdoor Gear Store


1789 28th St., 303-583-9970

Second Place: Neptune Mountaineering

Third Place: Jax Mercantile

Fourth Place: Christy Sports

Fifth Place: Boulder Ski Deals

When you’re out in the wild, a small malfunction can mean the difference between life and death… depending on what you’re doing. It can also just be a hassle if your lantern goes out, your boots give you blisters or your tent pole snaps. To avoid those snafus you need gear you can count on, and our readers tell us Recreational Equipment Inc. is the best place to go for all your outdoor gear needs. Their knowledgeable staff will steer you to all the right choices for all your excursions. So instead of dealing with faulty equipment, you can spend you’re time enjoying the great outdoors.

Stereo/ Electronics store


2034 Arapahoe Ave., 720-744-3732

Second Place: Best Buy

Third Place: Apple Store

Fourth Place: The Boulder Home Theater Company

Fifth Place: Car Toys

We’ve all wished we had a movie theater right at home — all of our favorite movies right at our fingertips any time we want to watch them, all with the ability to pause and take a bathroom break whenever we want. Oh, and the sporting events! Your Super Bowl party just went to the next level. The folks at ListenUp are ready to make that dream a reality by helping you create your very own home theater/ media room, complete with high-definition television and digital surround sound. But ListenUp caters to all stereo and electronic needs, whether that’s a new Pro-Ject turntable and Polk floor speakers, or a new pair of headphones or a USB to convert digital to analog. Drop by and see what they have in store for you.

Tire Shop


3215 28th St., 303-440-6811

740 Hwy 287, Lafayette, 303-248-5680

379 S. Hover St., Longmont, 303-774-9869

Second Place: Barnsley Tire Co.

Third Place: Big O Tires

Fourth Place: Louisville Tire and Auto Care

Fifth Place: Firestone Complete Auto Care

The importance of tires cannot be overstated. Would there have even been a Beat Generation if Jack Kerouac’s infamous road trip had been spent sitting in a car that wasn’t moving because he had no tires on his vehicle? Could Paul Simon have come to look for America if his bus had no tires? Can you even imagine how slow the land speed record would be without tires? Pretty slow, we bet. So the next time you hear someone say, “Man, tires aren’t very important,” slap ’em up the side of the head and send them on over to Discount Tires for a little education. It might just save the world.

Real Estate Group


2425 Canyon Blvd., Suite 110, 303-449-7000

Second Place: 8z Real Estate

Third Place: Colorado Landmark, Realtors

Fourth Place: Wright Kingdom Real Estate

Fifth Place: Pedal to Properties

Do you need to sell a house? Do you need to buy a house? Want to try and figure out if you can afford to live in Boulder? We’d save you some time and tell you “no” on that last one, but the folks at Re/Max of Boulder, Inc. likely have something to counter that claim. They’ve had years of experience getting ordinary folks, as well as the monocled monied, into homes of all shapes, sizes and colors in Boulder County. They are friendly, knowledgeable and have your best interests at heart whether you are buying or selling a home.

Recreational Dispensary


2801 Iris Ave., 303-440-1323

Second Place: Terrapin Care Station

Third Place: Helping Hands Herbals/Bud Depot

Fourth Place: Native Roots Dispensary

Fifth Place: Herbal Wellness

With Colorado’s passing of Amendment 64 in 2012, the world is now the proverbial oyster of recreational marijuana dispensaries. And no one is doing it quite like The Farm, BW readers’ top choice to purchase high quality cannabis flower, extracts and edibles. Historically a medical dispensary, (now the Root) The Farm opened its doors to recreational users in 2014 to great success. Cultivating a variety of high-quality cannabis strains right here in Boulder, The Farm continues to pave the way through activism for marijuana legalization and acceptance.

Ski/Snowboard Shop


2525 Arapahoe Road, 303-938-8799

Second Place: Christy Sports

Third Place: Crystal Ski Shop

Fourth Place: Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)

Fifth Place: Neptune Mountaineering

Coloradans really get spoiled by the weather. We experience all four seasons, and during winter, we get the best of both worlds. After a day of snow dumping from the sky, Mother Nature rewards Colorado with sunshine to enjoy it. So naturally, skiers and snowboarders rush to the mountains to ride that fresh pow all the way down again and again. Boulder Ski Deals helps make those days even sweeter. With a great selection and competitive prices, it’s no wonder Boulder Ski Deals takes the number one spot by our readers.

Tobacco Shop


1620 30th St., 303-449-7089

179 W. South Boulder Road, Lafayette, 303-665-7870

301 Martin St., Longmont, 303-772-2323

Second Place: Johnny’s Cigar Bar

Third Place: Mile High Pipe & Tobacco

Fourth Place: The Fitter

Fifth Place: Little Dog

When you’re in dire need of some tobacco products, our readers say Smoker Friendly is the place to go. And it’s no wonder why, since the brand has been servicing customers since 1989. With almost 30 years under its belt, Smoker Friendly offers a wide selection and its knowledgeable staff can answer any question you may have. So stop on in to fill all your tobacco needs.

Bicycle Shop


839 Pearl St., 303-444-4196

Second Place: Boulder Cycle Sport

Third Place: Bicycle Village

Fourth Place: Full Cycle

Fifth Place: Community Cycles

If you don’t believe in Peter Pan, Frankenstein or Superman, and all you wanna do is ride your bicycle, then you and Freddie Mercury have something in common. When you’re gearing up for a big bicycle race there’s only two things to do: blast Queen’s “Bicycle Race” continuously and stop by University Bicycles. Regardless if you’re in for some serious mileage or if you’re just looking to tune up your bike for a light ride, University Cycles will fulfill all of your bike-related needs. Happy riding, and as Freddie would say, “Bicycle races are coming your way, so forget all your duties, oh yeah!”



900 Walnut St., 720-406-9696

Second Place: Hotel Boulderado

Third Place: Chautauqua

Fourth Place: Boulder Adventure Lodge

Fifth Place: Boulder Marriot

For a relaxing evening away from home, whether from Denver, New York or Timbuktu, St Julien Hotel & Spa is the best place to stay when visiting Boulder. And if you’re a local, it’s the perfect place to host your parents, in-laws, long distance relatives or friends. And it’s not just Boulder that thinks so. St Julien has won numerous other awards from Conde Nast to Travel + Leisure to Forbes. With a great restaurant, award-winning spa, live music, an infinity pool and views of the Flatirons, you’ll hardly have to leave the hotel to have a great time.

Kitchen Supply Store


1235 Pearl St., 303-449-5847

Second Place: McGuckin Hardware

Third Place: Sur La Table

Fourth Place: The Singing Cook

Fifth Place: Bed Bath & Beyond

A bare stovetop might seem like nothing more than a bare stovetop. But it awaits the possibility of something delicious. An empty bowl is just waiting to be filled with a yummy dish, and a clean spoon is ready to be dirtied by stirring up a new concoction. If your kitchen isn’t inspiring you, it might be time to stock up on some new kitchen supplies. Going into Peppercorn is an experience and a treat. The shelves are stocked with plenty of fun and functional doo-dads and whizz-whams to make your next meal an unforgettable one.

Shoe Store


1425 Pearl St., 303-449-5260

2525 Arapahoe Ave., Unit E33, 303-449-7440

Second Place: Boulder Running Company

Third Place: Two Sole Sisters

Fourth Place: Brown’s Shoe Fit Company

Fifth Place: Shoe Fly

The good people at the Pedestrian Shops have a goal. They want to put you into a comfortable pair of shoes that will make walking more enjoyable for you than it’s ever been. That’s why they carry amazing brands like Merrel, Keen and Birkenstock, shoes you can live in. Shoes you could walk around the world in. And speaking of the world, Pedestrian Shops also works hard to protect the planet and make it a better place by recycling shoe boxes and holding shoe drives to help those less fortunate. No wonder our readers keep choosing this place as the best shoe store.

Independent Business


2525 Arapahoe Ave., 303-443-1822

Second Place: Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply

Third Place: Green Ride Boulder

Fourth Place: Curating the Cool

Fifth Place: The Boulder Home Theater Company

Independent business is what makes America tick. Our Main Street businesses add character to our towns, and employ local people. They also localize our markets and keep us from relying on big box stores that ship in stuff from far away. Our readers chose McGuckin Hardware as their favorite independent business. That’s because McGuckin is Boulder. It’s a unique hardware store with a helpful staff that can get you composting, building a shed or fixing a leak. They also have food and music events from time to time, adding to the local vibe.

Video/ DVD/ Games


2760 Canyon Blvd., Boulder, 303-440-1282

545 W. South Boulder Road, Lafayette, 303-666-7192

965 S. Hover St., Longmont, 303-651-9877

Second Place: Video Station

Third Place: Game Force

Fourth Place: Karliquin’s Game Knight

Fifth Place: Gamers Guild/ Atomic Goblin Games (tie)

When you are looking for new or pre-owned games, gaming systems, DVDs and numerous other electronics, there is no better place to stop than GameStop. Whether it’s an Xbox One, a PS4, a Wii U or a classic system from your childhood, GameStop has games and accessories at prices that won’t break your bank. Speaking of your bank account, you can drop by GameStop when you want to make some cash or get in-store trade for those games, systems, DVDs and other accessories you aren’t using anymore.

Toy Store


2525 Arapahoe Ave., 303-443-0780

Second Place: Into The Wind

Third Place: GameStop

Fourth Place: Time Warp Comics

Fifth Place: Atomic Goblin Games

Watching toy commercials and online shopping can’t compare to a great toy store where kids and parents alike can check out potential new fun thingamabobs to take home. With books, stuffed animals, music, dolls, games and educational gadgets, Grandrabbit’s Toy Shoppe is once again Boulder’s favorite toy store. And with adult coloring all the rage right now, toy stores are playgrounds for everyone. There’s nothing like the challenge of coloring in the lines to make you feel like a kid again.

CD/Record store

BART’S Record Shop

1625 Folsom St., 303-444-1760

Second Place: Albums on the Hill

Third Place: Absolute Vinyl

Fourth Place: Recycled Records

Bart Stinchcomb is a Boulder County legend. His stores have graced Boulder for decades with names like Bart’s CD Cellar, Bart’s Music Shack and of course Bart’s Record Shop. The stores have opened, closed, moved and just hung on. They have also prospered at times such as before digital downloads and with the resurgent interest in vinyl. But all of Bart’s ventures have two things in common; music and the appreciation of music-loving customers. The world would be a lesser place without the passion for music that Bart Stinchcomb has been sharing with all of us for so many years. Congratulations for once again being our readers’ favorite curator of tunes.

Bath & Body Shop


1227 SPRUCE ST., 303-443-8878

Second Place: Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

Third Place: Pharmica Integrative Pharmacy

Fourth Place: Bath & Body Works

Fifth Place: Sephora

Every now and then a business comes along that has more to it than trying to make a buck. And for the past 12 years, Rebecca’s Herbal Apothecary & Supply has been one of those companies. Rebecca’s has an ambitious mission statement: The folks at Rebecca’s seek to “connect our community with botanical medicine by providing raw materials, education and carefully crafted products. We believe this is a bridge that will empower our community to reclaim their health and our collective environment.” It’s a tall order, but stop by the shop and you’ll find out what our readers already know — they mean every word.

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