This Winter Day


What are WE to one another?
If not reminders of our
    Continuous connection to Earth
    And to the Love inherent in Her Creation.

Where is our own Life-
    Umbilicus connected?

What is feeding and IN – forming us
                If not the Planetary Presence,
                The Source as Creator,
                Speaking to us AS EARTH?

If we listen only to secondary expressions …. we block our hearing.

Walk WITHIN the Earth’s domain
Directly Connected.
Take time to Immerse one’s being
In the Realm of Cloud, Sunlight
                Rock, Stream, Tree,
Being Earth, foot connected….
              …. To Dirt, re-informed by Source,
Even as we eat what She alone feeds us.

Bonnie Sundance wrote this on the Winter Solstice 2018 in the Rocky Mountains. She is the executive director of Our Sacred Earth.

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