The beauty of butchery

With prices soaring, a butcher says forget the tenderloin and explore tastier, cheaper cuts

Who drank Laura Palmer?

How !@#$% hot is it? It’s stinkin’ hot. Boulder smells like heat, sweat and softening asphalt (plus the usual pervasive hint of cannabis) with...

Mom’s kitchen table

It all started with lasagna. I credit my career as a print and radio journalist to daily vocabulary tests, four years of Latin, and...

A slice of home

For cousins Waris Yousifi, 23, and Yousof Kohistani, 25, the Afghani flatbread noni is not optional at meals.   “It’s compulsory. You must have this...

Listening to Clark

The word “moxie” means “force of character, determination or nerve,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The breads produced at Moxie Bakery are also...

Nightmare on Gourmet Street

Chefs dressed in their whites and apron cut imposing figures as they glide through restaurant dining areas. They happily talk about complex cooking techniques,...

Local flavors

It’s hard to figure out what’s going on food-wise in Boulder and around the state. Various publications and organizations have local bloggers and columnists...

Tipping point

Do you tip when you are just picking up takeout food from a restaurant?” It seemed like just a simple question from a friend...

Blood, sweat and cheers

Before my career in culinary journalism, I was a Boulder restaurant cook. I was burned by hot fryer oil, injured in walk-in freezers, sliced...

The joy of ugly produce

We hold this truth to be self-evident: Americans today are wimps when it comes to dirt, especially on their vegetables and fruit. It seems...

The citrus variations

I asked a lot of big questions when I was a kid, some spiritual and some practical. Maybe that was a clue to my...

Stockpile stock

There is a giant bag of ice cubes in my freezer. It makes me very happy. I don’t put these frigid gems in ice water,...