Longmont ballot issues results


The following is a list of the final unofficial 2009 results
from the Longmont ballot issues. Read our original

Issue 2A

Would approve and make effective a Longmont City
Ordinance that extends the street system maintenance and improvement portion of
the city’s sales tax three-quarters of a cent through Dec. 31, 2016.

Yes: 62.36 percent

No: 37.54 percent

Question 2B

Would authorize the city of Longmont to issue revenue
bonds for up to $21,130,000 to finance capital improvements of its wastewater

Yes: 57.32 percent

No: 42.86 percent

Question 2C

Asks citizens to permit it to offer telecommunications
services, high-speed Internet and cable television services to residential and
commercial users within the city’s utilities service area.

Yes: 43.81 percent

No: 56.19 percent

Question 2D

Asks citizens whether they wish to retain Municipal Judge
Diana VanDeHey in office for another two years.

Yes: 64.37 percent

No: 35.63 percent

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