Boulder City Council election results


The following is a list of the final unofficial 2009 results from the Boulder City Council election. Five seats were up for grabs. Read our original story.

Suzy Ageton: 14.71 percent

Matthew Appelbaum: 11.94 percent

K.C. Becker: 10.28 percent

Seth Brigham: 1.06 percent

Macon Cowles: 10.32 percent           

Fenno Hoffman: 7.57 percent

Kevin Hotaling: 1.80 percent

George Karakehian: 10.08 percent

Valerie Mitchell: 3.45 percent

Tim Plass: 8.95 percent

Jyotsna Raj: 8.85 percent

Barry Siff: 9.19 percent

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