The rise of off-grid vacation rentals

For green enthusiasts, off-grid housing is emerging as a way to actualize sustainable living. Whether as a means of reducing consumption, returning to a...

Toxic trout for dinner?

You may want to think twice before frying up that batch of fresh trout from your favorite Rocky Mountain lake. Federal scientists say they’ve found high levels of toxic mercury in fish from many remote lakes and streams around the West, including Rocky Mountain ...

Getting rid of the Harmful 7

Pesticides, trans fats, high fructose syrup: Our modern lives are surrounded by ingredients that many argue are undermining our health slowly but surely. While...

The urban heat island effect warms Colorado’s biggest city

Though it’s winter right now along the Front Range, the city of Denver sits pleasantly above 50 degrees most days. Sure, it’s nice to...

Organic plus: Biodynamic agriculture is on the rise

Chef and farmer Eric Skokan of Black Cat Farm Table Bistro was shoveling out the duck house several years ago when he had an...

Re-endangering gray wolves

Wolves aren’t just back in Colorado, they’re recently back on the endangered species list—what does that mean for the state?

Lynx are back in Colorado, but still facing threats

Like many Colorado skiers, the state’s native lynx must also have enjoyed this past winter. Cruising along on their huge, tufted paws, the wild cats come into their own when the snow piles up soft and deep in high country spruce and fir forests...

The new DDT

It’s sprayed on crops, schoolyards, parking lots and possibly your yard. The World Health Organization says it probably causes cancer. It’s the world’s most-used herbicide and the active ingredient in Roundup: glyphosate...

Geo-engineering can stop global warming, at least in theory

Climate scientists now know that geo-engineering — in principle at least — would halt global warming and keep the world at the temperatures it...

Palm oil is the worst—could old bread be the solution?

The beignets, eclairs and tartelettes at Ludovic Gerboin’s bakery in the small village of Moosinning, Germany, glow in vibrant shades of red, blue, green...

The psychedelic renaissance

If you were a teenager in 1967, Berkeley was the place to be. The Summer of Love was beaming with a newfound madness, and...

CSU research links another disease to Flint, angering Michigan officials

An outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease (LD) among residents of Flint, Michigan in 2014 is directly linked to the city’s water contamination crisis, according to...