Big cats in Boulder

It’s easy to forget that there are mountain lions lurking in Boulder’s backyard, in the hills just beyond the city. That is, until there’s...

The new bison deal

The City of Denver has maintained two herds of genetically pure bison, descendant from the last wild bison in North America, in Genesee and...

What’s the greenest way to heat your home?

Every winter since 2011, when Ross Williamson bought his south Boulder home, he’s struggled to keep warm. “I couldn’t get it above 65 in here,...

The long road to carbon-free energy

Earlier this year, Xcel Energy made a commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 85% by 2030. With that goal in mind it’s launched the...

Progress on the roadmap

Colorado has a goal to run on 100 percent renewable energy by 2040—how far along the path are we, and is it still achievable?

Is water Colorado’s earthship-limiting factor?

Earthships aiming to land in Colorado pour on a slew of questions about rights to the rain. Permaculture-minded and rather postmodern, the gridfree homes are designed to catch rainwater for consumptive, gray water and black water use. But in most parts of the state, ...

Gardens of the Sun

Among the rolling hills and sprawling neighborhoods of south Fort Collins, a new solar energy installation will not only provide renewable energy, but also...

Requiem for a digester

Neat rows of tanks, each with a capacity of 1.7 million gallons, tower above the plains. Three lagoons border the site to the west...

Wolves return to Estes Park (for the weekend)

After a massive wolf eradication effort in the United States, the last remaining wolf in Colorado was killed in 1930. But for decades since,...

Just an icefield

The air was thirty-four degrees Fahrenheit, and wind swept across the mountains at thirty miles per hour. A thin layer of snow covered the...

2016 could be the year for industrial hemp

In 2015 U.S. consumers bought over $500 million in hemp products, buying everything from food, cosmetics, fabrics and paper to construction material, insulation and...

Social distancing seen from space

It’s Monday around noon, and from space Boulder appears eerily quiet. The red brick of Pearl Street Mall is clearly visible, void of its...