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An open letter to western Boulder County and beyond

There are changes to be aware of this election affecting the mountains of western Boulder County. The new Colorado redistricting maps were approved in 2021 based on the 2020 Census.

The biggest change in the new maps is that the mountains of western Boulder County will be moving from SD18 to SD15 (Colorado Senate District 15). Western Boulder County will no longer be included with the city of Boulder. Our biggest population center will now be Loveland.

Our current representative in District 18 is Stephen Fenberg. After the election in November, western Boulder County will be represented by the winner of the SD-15 election, either the incumbent Republican, Rob Woodward, or his opponent, Democrat Janice Marchman of Loveland.

We strongly endorse Janice Marchman. She has Colorado values: protecting the mountain environment, particularly from wildfires and floods, fighting for women’s reproductive rights, honest and open government for the people, and strong public education. 

Please look at the new maps and determine which elections you will now be able to vote in before you vote this fall. And please consider voting for Janice Marchman. Visit janiceforcoloradolcom for more information.

Becky Martinek/Lefthand Canyon

Kathy Frey/Gold Hill

Joanne Cole/Gold Hill

Vote ‘yes’ on ballot measure 1B

I am writing in support of Boulder County Ballot measure 1B. This region is very fortunate to have hundreds of volunteers in groups like Rocky Mountain Rescue Group (RMRG), Boulder Emergency Squad, Front Range Rescue Dogs and Boulder County Mounted Search & Rescue, which all rescue hikers, bikers, skiers, climbers and off-road vehicle accident victims. Issue 1B is a very small sales tax to help support these groups and other search, rescue, fire and ambulance services.

RMRG finds and rescues hundreds of people in the foothills and mountains of Boulder County every year. They save lives. It is far more cost effective to support these volunteers than to hire staff 24/7, 365 days a year.

I have made regular family visits to Boulder County since 1967 and am very willing to pay this small tax. Please vote Yes on ballot measure 1B.

Dot Christenson/Cincinnati, Ohio 

Library district undemocratic

It is unfortunate that proponents of the Library District are categorizing those opposed to their proposal as library haters. This attitude inhibits discussion of the proposal itself, which I believe is flawed and leaves many questions.

Libraries are like my second home, and I am so grateful for Boulder’s crown jewels. In North Boulder we have been eagerly awaiting the construction of our neighborhood library that has been promised and planned for years. The ballot proposal, however, while listing the creation of a new Gunbarrel library, makes no mention of the North Boulder Library. I find that very concerning.

Furthermore, the Library District Proposal would take decisions about Boulder’s libraries out of the hands of its citizens and community and place them in the hands of an unelected board chosen by City Council and the Board of County Commissioners. This does not seem very democratic to me. The buildings and books of our beloved Boulder libraries will no longer be under Boulder’s jurisdiction but will be transferred to this unelected board who will make decisions that might be good for the communities outside Boulder, but not necessarily for Boulder itself.

Additionally, there is the matter of cost. While some people consider the property tax increase this bill would levy a trifle, many long time Boulder residents and seniors who wish to remain in their homes are troubled that their property tax bills — which have risen exponentially in the last few years and are expected to continue to rise — would  now have an estimated $230 increase. Yes, it is true our libraries have taken a hit during this pandemic, but the new City Council budget shows a healthy increase for our libraries.

The citizens of Boulder have always stood by their libraries and will continue to do so. We don’t need an unelected board taking that decision-making process away from us.

Ellen Stark/Boulder


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