Letters, Sept. 15, 2022


Clare Gallagher is the GOAT

Regarding the article on Clare Gallagher (Adventure, “Earthraging,” Sept. 8, 2022): In March of last year, Clare came across me under a bridge, sheltering from a snowstorm, homeless, elderly, and badly frostbitten. She helped me into a hotel and afterwards drove me to a hospital and after I recovered from surgery drove me to Louisville to apply for Social Security benefits and then she oversaw my journey to subsidized housing. GOAT? Yes, and not just in running.

Edmund Rimshas

I want to ride my bicycle

For the past couple of months I have been riding my bicycle to work. I have never felt our community of Boulder have such a strong presence in my day-to-day life as when I have stepped out of my vehicle and taken to the awesome bike paths of this town. When you commute to work on your bike (or walking), you have to interact with others, you have to cross the paths of our brothers, sisters and grandparents who are sleeping in the hidden corners of this community and feel the impact of their humanity. Cars are isolating to the community. Add cell phones, computers and COVID to the equation and we are not even interacting with one another on a human level anymore. I challenge you to commute to work on your bicycle once or twice a week for a month. Engage one another’s presence in this community outside of your vehicle’s protective armor, aside from shopping assembly lines, filling your gas tanks or punching the time clock. It’s too easy to remain callous as we whiz by in our cars and ignore one another and the growing need to address the increasing poverty and desperation of our brethren, veterans, seniors and young people in this ‘enlightened and awake’ community of Boulder, Colorado. Show some love!   

Heather Bilyeu/Boulder


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