Letters: March 23, 2023



The newest revelations about Fox “News” knowingly airing false, incorrect and deceptive stories about Dominion Voting and the Jan. 6 insurrection, and Tucker Carlson’s recent attempt to rewrite the story of what happened on Jan. 6 must be addressed.

Because of the structure of cable and satellite service providers, consumers who do not watch Fox News and who do not endorse or support the lies Fox News continues to air are forced to pay for this service. Anyone who pays for anything beyond a “basic” channel line-up are paying (indirectly) for Fox News programming. That means millions of Americans are inadvertently paying Tucker Carlson’s salary. It means that millions of Americans are paying the salary of a man who deliberately airs misleading versions of what occurred on Jan. 6 at our Capitol, and continues to build false narratives that divide our country.

This must change. Our cable/satellite providers need to provide a channel line-up that does not include or provide any compensation to Fox News. We must all demand this change, and be willing to drop their service if they do not address this issue. We can no longer tolerate paying for propaganda harmful to our democracy. I urge everyone to contact your cable provider and demand this change. 

— Suzanne Connolly/Boulder


With its proposed free range/libertarian ADU and occupancy expansion, the pro-business-growth City Council and its hand-picked Housing Advisory Board are flailing at a remedy for a housing shortage of the Council’s own making, its business-first bent. Established residential neighborhoods will bear the brunt of the loosened regulations. For some Boulderites beginning to live precariously in today’s inflationary economy, the prospect of rental income may appear a welcome respite, but becoming a landlord has its costs and stresses. The beneficiaries of the new regulations are the LLCs owning multiple properties and having the operating capital to build and add ADUs to these. Coupled with the university’s constantly expanding enrollment, various neighborhoods are increasingly filled with student rentals, much to the detriment of community cohesiveness and belonging. As with the CU South Campus and City flood mitigation plan, it is the people of Boulder who end up paying the cost of the Council’s misdeeds. 

— Robert Porath/Boulder

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