In Philippines, massive devastation after typhoon

A house destroyed by the typhoon.

One of the largest storms on record has moved on past the island nation of the Philippines, but its damage is only just being measured. And for thousands of survivors, repair and relief are paired with sorrow as friends and relatives lost lives.

An estimate from the Filipino government put the number of people who need food aid at 2 million, with over 300,000 stranded, according to a UN estimate. Aid to the Philippines totals over $90 million, with the UN sending $25 million and the US $20 million. The death toll of the typhoon, named Typhoon Haiyan, is currently 1,774, although many other people are missing.

Beyond the statistics, various news outlets have tracked down incredible stories from survivors who saw their entire neighborhoods or even towns destroyed by flooding. Among them is the story of Martin Romualdez, a congressman in the Filipino parliament, whose roof was ripped from his house. He hid in a car with his children to avoid flying debris, but the car flooded and he and his children had to swim for safety.

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