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Just let us vote on them already 

Have you decided who you’re going to vote for in the presidential race? Since it’s right around the corner and all… and by right around the corner, we mean late next year. But never fear, those looking for a socialist flavor to wash the taste of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-ClintonorBush from their mouths will get a new can didate to start sending their $20 bills toward this week as U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders announces his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Vermont legislator is an independent who caucuses with Democrats and had been hinting at a primary run, though which flag he’d fly for it wasn’t clear. Vermont Public Radio reports Sanders opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal and has said he plans to make that opposition a key component of his campaign, for which he’s already dropped the buzzwords “middle class,” “Wall Street” and “environment.”

As we know, Hillary Clinton is already in the race (was there some point when she was not?), as is former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley. Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb is said to be considering entering as well. Get your political candidate bingo cards ready.

Oh for the pre-legal days, when everyone just smoked it 

It’s not enough to just quietly smoke your weed at home in peace in Colorado anymore. Or maybe it is, in Colorado, but to satisfy the rest of the country’s boundless curiosity on whether the state is imploding because we’ve legalized a substance that the federal government still considers dangerous, we continue to find new ways to open the doors and curtains and let those folks see which direction the smoke is blowing. CNN recently debuted High Profits, an eight-episode series that follows two would-be marijuana franchise business owners as they open the doors to their first shop in Breckenridge with hopes of expanding to every resort town in Colorado. That’s a lot of… towns.

For those who’d like to take a more pensive look at marijuana’s imprints here and elsewhere, the Colorado Photographic Arts Center will host Mixed Bag: Marijuana in Highlands, an exhibition of photographers’ work on marijuana legalization in the U.S. that visits pot farms in Humboldt County, Calif.; grow houses and dispensaries in Colorado and marijuana festivals from across the country.

“Despite their differing aesthetics and milieus, similarities of the pot industries’ process, consumption and commerce are clear in each body of work,” said Rupert Jenkins, director of CPAC. “This exhibition visualizes our culture’s tentative embrace of marijuana use, the legalization and the commercialization of its trade. As Denver residents know all too well, the benefits of that trade are a mixed bag.”

Featured photographers are Ben Rasmussen, Theo Stroomer and an artist operating under the pseudonym H. Lee, author of the book Grassland.

The exhibition opens May 13 with a reception from 6-9 p.m.

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