Gov’t watch: Feb. 28. 2024

What your local elected officials are up to

Night view of The Boulder County Courthouse.

Boulder City Council

At its March 7 meeting, council will: 

• Decide whether CenturyLink and Xfinity can install telecommunication utilities on certain open space lands. 

• Give a preliminary vote to add the wetlands on the CU South property to the official City inventory of wetlands. Adding the wetlands to City inventory is needed to support the South Boulder Creek Flood Mitigation project, according to Brandon Coleman, Boulder’s storm and flood engineering project manager.

• Give feedback on plans to redevelop 2952 Baseline Road, currently home to the Dark Horse. The concept plan proposes demolishing the buildings onsite and replacing them with four- to five-story buildings, including 610 new dwelling units. 

Boulder County Commissioners

On March 5, commissioners will:

• Hold a public hearing on a use review that would allow the Dawson School to increase the number of students allowed from 540 to 700. The Dawson School is a private, co-ed K-12 college prep school. 

On March 7, commissioners will: 

• Vote on rezoning high-use areas in a three-mile radius of Lyons, where current zoning “allows development within unincorporated areas that may conflict with the orderly growth and development of the Town of Lyons,” according to the project webpage. The majority of the properties — currently zoned as commercial, general industrial or transitional — would be rezoned to agricultural use. 


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