City to reopen Green Mountain Lodge


After intense restoration
work inside and out, the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) is
re-opening the Green Mountain Lodge on July 21.

Green Mountain Lodge is located
at the terminus of the Ranger, Long and Gregory Canyon Trails. Guilt in 1935 by
the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), an agency that was part of the New Deal
during the Great Depression, the rustic Lodge was intended for the use of the
people of the community of Boulder. It features two fireplaces and a patio, and
the interior is lined with historic “graffiti” left by visitors through the decades.

The lodge was closed due to
disrepair a number of years ago, but has recently been restored, part of a
broader effort by OSMP to restore historically significant structures on city
land. After a July 2, the lodge will be available for rental along with other recently
restored OSMP facilities, such as the Halfway House on Flagstaff.

Those interested in hiking to
Green Mountain Lodge can start at the Gregory Canyon trailhead for a strenuous
two-mile trek (one way). Those who prefer to drive can head up Flagstaff Road
to Realization Point, where there is limited parking, and walk downhill toward
Ranger Trail.

OSMP cautions hikers to be prepared for unpredictable Colorado weather, including late afternoon thunderstorms and lighting. Be sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, jacket and plenty of water.

For more information about the cultural resourses in OSMP or to learn how to go about renting a facility like the Green Mountain Lodge for an event, go to the city’s website at