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Dear Dan: I have always wanted to have a girls-only sex party, but I’m not sure how I feel about actually organizing one. What’s the etiquette if I do organize one myself? Do I need to provide the dildos for people’s harnesses? Or just the condoms and lube? And how do I find people who want to attend? Do I just tweet out an invite? Is there a better way that makes me seem less sketchy?

— No Snappy Acronym

Dear NSA: What I know about hosting girls-only sex parties could fit inside what I know about the Marvel universe with room left over for what I know about the Higgs boson — and all of that could fit inside Lindsey Graham’s chances of being president with room left over for Donald Trump’s humanity.

But luckily for you, NSA, I know someone who knows quite a lot about both girl sex and sex parties.

“Hosting a play party is much like hosting any other party,” says Allison Moon, a San Francisco–based writer and sex educator. “You want guests to feel welcome and comfortable — this means you provide lube, safer sex supplies, refreshments and towels and/ or puppy pads.”

Moon is the author of two popular lesbian werewolf novels — more are hopefully on their way — and the really terrific memoir Bad Dyke: Salacious Stories from a Queer Life. Her most recent book is Girl Sex 101, a terrific sex-ed book “for ladies and lady-lovers of all genders and identities” that features girl-sex wisdom from an array of sex-positive superstars.

Moon has also hosted numerous sex parties, and says hosting a girls-only sex party does not obligate you to break open a piñata full of dildos as your guests arrive.

“Toys are the responsibility of guests,” Moon says. “If NSA has a few sparkling-clean vibes and dildos that she doesn’t mind using as party favors, by all means put them out. I have a couple of Magic Wands that are great for getting the party started, because there’s always someone who’s wanted to try one. But she doesn’t have to spend a ton of cash outfitting her friends’ crotches.”

As for finding people who might want to attend your sex party, Moon and I both agree that putting an invite on Twitter — or Facebook or Instagram or Farmers Only or Yik Yak — is a very, very bad idea.

“NSA should stay away from social media to start,” Moon says. “Instead, she should make a list of friends who might be down and give them a call to see if they have friends they’d want to bring. Bonus points if she has friends who are up for being used as ‘ringers.’ Lady parties are notorious for taking hours to warm up — someone has to be the first one in the pool, and a ringer can help get the party started. Or she could consider some ice-breaking games, like spin the bottle, as a goofy way to get the girls ready to grind on each other.”

But let’s say you don’t have any friends who might want to come to your girls-only sex party — or you’re too chicken to ask your friends — is there another way?

“If her slutty-friend pool is small, she could look at sites devoted to sexpositive folks, like FetLife or her local chapter of a leather women’s group. But she should be super explicit about her women-only policy if she does post anywhere online, and she should also consider screening guests with a phone call. And I strongly recommend a closed-door policy, i.e., folks must arrive by a certain time or they can’t come in. This keeps you from having to monitor the door all night so you can enjoy your own damn party.”

You can follow Moon on Twitter @TheAllisonMoon — and you should listen to a really moving story she shared recently on RISK!, Kevin Allison’s amazing podcast, about her friend Hans (“Four Orgies and a Funeral”). You can find RISK! on iTunes or at

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