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Show a little respect
May is many things, but did you know it’s International Respect for Chickens Month? And if a whole month seems like too long of a time to take off from work in order to celebrate all things chicken, don’t worry, May 4 is International Respect for Chickens Day. Everybody can take one day out of their busy schedules to respect a chicken.
United Poultry Concerns, who started this movement more than a decade ago, suggests that on May 4 we should all do an “action for chickens.” They suggest several possible actions including one that caught our eye — “holding an office party.”
Well, you don’t have to ask us twice to party. So on May 4, BW will be holding our first annual “respect that chicken” office party. There will be much drinking; a dart board holding the image of that “finger lickin’ good” Sanders fellow; a ban on all “why did it cross the road jokes;” and a continuous loop of “Chicken Train” by Ozark Mountain Daredevils playing in the background.
On May 5th, we’ll go back to eating our old friends … respectfully, of course.

Oil and gas industry reality check
As Coloradans prepare to start signing petitions that will finally grant them safer setbacks from oil and gas wells and the industry’s massive industrial production platforms, as well as granting local communities the right to make land use decisions over oil and gas activity the same way they currently do over every other industry on the planet, it’s time to reflect on one of the false claims that the industry, and the politicians it pays to do its bidding, have been making over the years.
Remember all those industry mouth pieces and politicians like Governor Hickenlooper who kept telling us that if we tried to protect our health, home values and quality of life by banning drilling in our neighborhoods that the entire economy of the state of Colorado would collapse into recession because the oil and gas industry would go elsewhere to drill? Well, thanks to over supply, we have gotten to test that claim. The oil and gas industry has all but shut down in Colorado, far below the level it would be allowed to still operate at with 2,500 ft. setbacks and community control over the extraction process, and guess what?
The sky didn’t fall, the Colorado economy is actually growing and overall unemployment is down. It was all a giant lie perpetrated on the people of Colorado by the oil and gas industry, most of our bought-and-paid-for politicians and let’s not forget the mainstream media like the network TV stations and the owners of the Denver Post and most the other Front Range newspapers that made the same exaggerated claims while raking in oil and gas advertising dollars. Remember that bogus energy and environment advertising section the Post tried to pawn off as news? What a joke.
So get out there and sign that petition. We now know it won’t hurt the economy a bit and it will surely save some lives and property values.


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