Critter Classifieds: Oct. 20, 2022


Longmont Humane Society

9595 Nelson Road, Longmont,

Critter Classifieds is a column where you can meet four-legged friends who need your love and support. Boulder Weekly is currently working with Longmont Humane Society to feature a few pets each week who are looking for forever homes. We hope to bring other organizations in on the fun in the future. 

Longmont Humane Society provides temporary shelter to thousands of animals every year, including dogs, cats and small mammals who are lost, surrendered or abandoned. Visit the shelter to learn more about these featured pets and others up for adoption and fostering.   

If your organization has volunteer needs, please reach out to us at

Your support makes a big difference to the Longmont Humane Society. For those in a position to help, LHS is currently experiencing a shortage of adult dog food, dog treats and small/medium milk bone biscuits. Donate these supplies and more directly from the LHS Amazon Wish List — visit the to learn more. 

Kate Merrill Chase


Chase is a senior guy… but don’t tell him that! This sweet 8-year-old boy still loves to frolic and is always excited to learn something new. Chase often doesn’t know his own size, so his style of play may be too rough for small children. He loves other dogs and often seeks out new playmates! Chase came to LHS with a knee injury that requires reduced exercise, but it has done nothing to dampen his enthusiasm for life.



Reyna loves to waddle over to new friends and nudge her way into their hearts. This 4-year-old pup adores people of all ages and is extremely gentle. During her stay with LHS, Reyna was placed in a foster home where she made fast friends with several cats. While she has been shown to get along with most dogs, she doesn’t love to share attention, so she is required to meet any other dogs in the home before adoption. 



Rose believes that the best sound on Earth is purring, so she does it all the time! This beautiful 4-year-old girl loves to give head bumps and make biscuits while getting her cheeks scratched. She is extremely patient and is approved for a home with children of any age. Rose was previously battling a kitty cold but is now healthy and ready to find her forever home. 

Note: Due to the date of publication, the animals you see here may have been adopted since this article was written. Visit to view all available animals.

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