Gleti, After Al-Gharra


I am the siren that beached mariners everywhere,
the daughter of waves and of memory. –
The one who coaxed Samson out of his power.
The last of the nubile and ancient.
I open my arms and life begins.
I smile and honey wells from my virgin lips.
When I cry you hear bells of earthquakes,
volcanoes eating at continental plates.
I am the daughter of burlesque and virtue,
the daughter of burning nights and chastity,
the daughter of new moons and snow.
At the touch of my finger stars change their course.
When my husband loves me
the earth is eclipsed in darkness until I baptize it in light.
And when I throw back the locks of my hair,
the universe humbles itself in awe.
I am today and tomorrow.
I am majesty crowned on the throne of the inky spots of the universe.
With a glance fields are transformed into wheat and emerald suns;
and I am the wheat and emerald suns.
I am the first harvest
and I am your last.

Natasha Andreil lives with her husband in Lafayette and is the Editor-in-Chief/Founder of Stasia Press. 

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