Free Poetry Skool @ Downtown Public Library


Poets gather
like words on a page
scribed in their own handwriting

as illustrious lines
they embody poetic form
— such as , a tercet , perhaps —

where this library
a vibrant blank page,
these poems a’looking-glass,

this conference table
a mighty sailing ship,
these poets the courageous crew…

“Avast, me Hearties!!”
cries from the crow’s nest,
“…weigh anchor an’ hoist th’ mizzen!!

“Thar’s th’ Muse
spied off yonder horizon —
wild an’ free as th’ sea itself.”

…like rising sandstone mountains
wind catches the unfurled main sails
to the song of poets writing.

Thomas Ivory Jr. is a student at the Beyond Academia Free Skool, and attends the Second Sunday poetry classes at the Boulder Downtown Library. October’s discussion was about stanzas, exemplified by the tercet — a three lined poem, traditionally rhyming. Above is Ivory’s attempt; first drafted in class, then edited at home.


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