Try this week: Spicy-Red-Ram @ Chimera Ramen


Where there Once was Chimera, a pan-Asian complement to Edwin Zoe’s fantastic Zoe Ma Ma, now (as of June 1), there is Chimera Ramen, a pivot from the original concept. It’ll share its Downtown Boulder space with another forthcoming fast casual spot of Zoe’s creation, but it builds off the success of the ramen bowls Chimera has always served. We tried the spicy-red-ram bowl on a recent visit, composed of an umami-rich broth of kombu, miso and bonito, with succulent roast pork belly, spicy sprouts and a bright sansho-chili oil. It’ll open the sinuses as well as the palate.

Spicy-Red-Ram, $10. Chimera Ramen. 2014 10th St., Boulder, 720-580-1100,

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