A brewery from another world

Outworld Brewing, Longmont, CO

Just across the Weld County line there is an outpost. It’s a little bit of Mos Eisley Cantina and a little bit of David Lynch’s Arrakis in a brewery you might find on Deep Space Nine. An interstellar brewpub for extraterrestrials to enjoy the finest Terran wares before space travelers move on to their next destination, but after sampling Outworld Brewing’s Belgian beers, visitors will need an interstellar rideshare.

Step through the doors of Outworld Brewing in east Longmont and some classic funk and soul plays over the speakers, while Star Trek episodes play on the TVs behind the bar. Though the exterior could be any run-of-the-mill office complex, the interior design of the brewpub pays homage to classic sci-fi with cozy booths and steel space-station chic.

Gone are the days where geeks and nerds are stereotyped as soda swillers who never leave the house. With Star Trek, Star Wars and the Marvel films continuing to reign supreme in modern pop culture, the geek revival is more present than ever. Brian Fuller, one of the co-owners and co-founders of Outworld Brewing alongside his brother, sister and nephew, says the connection between brewery and nerd culture is easy to make.

“If you look at most sci-fi epics, there’s a place where people go for a drink in almost every one,” he explains. “Wherever people congregate, meet, talk or do deals, there are libations and some sort of cabin space.”

Fuller was emphatic that the whole concept, from the beers to the space and the fiction Outworld is building up around its interstellar outpost, is a group effort. After officially opening its doors in January 2020, the pandemic introduced a whole new set of complications, but the Outworld family didn’t let that slow them down. Instead, they continued to tinker with brews and fine tune the space until the world was ready for the sort of social space they envisioned at the beginning.

Inspired by European beer halls where everyone socializes together, Fuller and his family want Outworld to become a sort of space where everyone winds up friends at the end of the night, regardless of who they came in with.

“We wanted to have something different, a more immersive experience,” Fuller says. “Our idea was to have someone dressed as a Klingon walk by and spill someone’s beer with a grunt, where everyone goes, ‘Woah,’ and have people enjoy the time here.”

Solid vibes and a unique atmosphere aren’t the only stellar thing at Outworld. The family-owned operation also offers a beer list that strikes a balance between classic and adventurous. Predominantly offering Belgian-style beers, the brews are clean and balanced on a brew list with names paying homage to sci-fi properties. 

The Galactic Bandidos is a Mexican-style lager that is light and easy to drink, with an appealing yeast bread note on the finish. A variation on the theme, the Green Ring Nebula adds Pueblo green chiles to the lager, giving it a robust and earthy quality without the heat.

Outworld calls the Galactic Bandidos an Archetype beer—brewed true to style without much variation if it’s a marzen, a trippel or a witbier—and from what this writer sampled, they hit the mark. For brews that venture beyond—Voyagers—drinkers can expect a delightful challenge. Of note, the Oankali is a barrel-aged Belgian pale ale inspired by the classic Horse Feather cocktail. Brewed with ginger and lemon, the pale ale is aged two months in bourbon barrels, with a result that is tart and bright with just a hint of spice while still maintaining a session-worthy 5.6% ABV.

The love of nerd culture and all things sci-fi and fantasy isn’t limited to decor or beer names. Outworld Brewing hosts regular Pokemon Go meetings and movie nights, as well as offering space for tabletop players to meet up for Dungeons & Dragons. Gray Havens Philosophy hosts meetings regularly, and Outworld has become one of the homes for the Front Range Star Trek fan community, USS Tiburon.

If you’re looking for some beers and a unique atmosphere, there’s no better time to check out Outworld Brewing than the upcoming Cosplay for a Cause masquerade on June 4. The family-friendly event will have food and a variety of activities throughout the evening, including themed food offerings and beverages, along with panels, trivia and a costume contest. The festivities double as a fundraiser to benefit Gray Havens Philosophy. 


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