Drink of the Week: Westbound Coffee Porter @ Westbound and Down Mill



February is typically the time of year when we talk about stouts, but don’t sleep on stout’s predecessor, porter, when it comes to dark-beer love. American-style porters, malty with a good hop presence, can also be canvases for adjunct flavors the way a robust stout can, and the Coffee Porter at Lafayette’s Westbound and Down Brewery is proof positive.

Completely opaque in the glass with a mocha-tinged head, Westbound Coffee Porter delivers blossoms of freshly roasted coffee on the nose, dark chocolate and espresso in the mouth, and just a touch of sweetness before snappy hops prickle the tongue. The coffee in the brew comes courtesy of Sweet Bloom Coffee, and at 6.5% alcohol by volume, you can have one in the middle of the afternoon and still feel alert.

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