Heather Cracraft — 2023 Superior Home Rule Charter Commission Candidates


Tell us a little bit about your personal and/or professional background and why it makes you a good fit for the commission (I.e., how long have you lived in Superior? Do you work there?, etc.). 

I have called the Town of Superior home for 26 years. I was honored to lead the Superior Chamber of Commerce for 13 years and we talked about the potential of Home Rule. Now over four years later, I want to give back to this town and be a member of the commission.

Why do you want to serve on the commission? 

I want to craft an overall charter that’s in the best interest of the community.

Why do you think a home rule charter is right for Superior? 

The Superior Board of Trustees see this as the time to explore this charter and then allow the residents to decide whether the time is right. I want to be a part of the process.

What do you think is the biggest pro of a home rule charter? What is the biggest con? 

The biggest pro is giving the members of the community the decision making authority for the place they call home. A con is the transition we will grow through together if this becomes the direction for our town government.

What should be included in the charter? What should be left out? 

The charter needs to focus on support of our businesses, a common sense land use code, and a government and staffing structure that’s as effective as it is efficient. Then we will see if the residents want to transition to a Home Rule community.

What are some of the values and priorities you think the charter should reflect? 

Same as above

The Town website says that a possible disadvantage of a home rule charter is the “possibility of a restrictive Charter that could make completing Town business more difficult.” How will you aim to mitigate that disadvantage? 

A part of the home rule charter will be putting the guidelines in place that maximize the daily workings of and for the Town staff.

What do you hope to learn from community members that will inform how you draft the charter?

Hearing the concerns from the community will be a crucial piece of the process in putting the Charter together. I plan to be a liaison from the commission to the community and staff.

What is another home rule charter in Colorado you like and why? 

I don’t have one in particular and plan to review as many as possible to find the best parts to build our own Town Home Rule Charter.


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