Election Guide 2013: No endorsement on Superior Town Center Metropolitan District


Superior Town Center
Metropolitan district ballot content

September, when Superior’s Board of Trustees approved the plan for the
Superior Town Center, one of the last undeveloped parcels of Superior
real estate located at the southeast corner of McCaslin Boulevard and
U.S. 36, it wasn’t without controversy. So many town residents wanted to
weigh in that the final board meeting reportedly had overflow crowds
spilling out into the foyer of the town hall. However, the board did, in
fact, approve the town center, and it is slated to move forward.

plan for the town center includes building 1,400 homes and a number of
other buildings, and the developer and the town must now designate
metropolitan districts within the parcel and set tax rates for them,
among other administrative actions. However, only residents and property
owners of said districts can vote. Since no homes have been built, no
one lives there. In fact, just five people will get to vote to raise
taxes in the Superior Town Center Metropolitan Districts, and at least
two of them — James Brzostowicz and Isabella Goodson — have some
connection to Randy Goodson, the developer in charge of the project.
It’s safe to say this will pass.

of press time, just one out of the five voters has requested a ballot,
according to the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s Office. Unless
opponents of the measure stake out mailboxes and intercept the lone
ballot, it seems likely that the town center will move forward unabated.

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