Election Guide 2013: Coombs for Longmont Mayor


Longmont Mayor

Bryan Baum
Dennis Coombs

one is pretty much a no-brainer. Incumbent Dennis Coombs, co-owner of
the Pumphouse Brewery, has done a decent job in his first term,
certainly an improvement over former Mayor Bryan Baum’s performance. We
found Coombs’ responses to our election questionnaire persuasive. Of
course, we had nothing to compare them to, since Baum declined to
respond. And no, that’s not the same as not having the time to reply
before press time. His wife Stephanie said he chose not to respond to
our questions.

matter. Baum likely wouldn’t have gotten our endorsement anyway, given
his conservative, moneyed, “old guard” track record, from his support of
the LifeBridge Christian Church expansion in 2009 to his opposition to
backyard chickens. Also recall that he was one of the seven former
Longmont mayors who participated in an ad blitz to oppose Question 300
last year, the ban against hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” If you
missed it, or need a reminder and a good chuckle, the supporters of 300
put out a dandy video back then: http://bit.ly/SevenMayors.

We support the more progressive Coombs.

View all of Boulder Weekly’s endorsements here.

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