Vegan: My least favorite culinary modifier


Now, before you fauna-phobes get all up in arms, let me explain myself. I’m not saying I hate vegans. I’m simply saying that I avoid any recipe that uses the word “vegan” as a modifier.

My problem with vegan recipes is that many of them simply do away with the meat and or dairy in a dish, but keep most of the original ingredients, which is like removing the yellow and white lines on a roadway in order to solve a traffic problem. It just doesn’t work.

However, for the last week, I’ve been a vegan. I’m not getting an Animal Farm tattoo, but I wanted to have a break from meat, and then reintroduce it into my diet in manageable portions. Conventional wisdom has been that meat should comprise 1/3 of your diet, and I’ve pretty much been force-feeding conventional wisdom’s liver with beef tips and sautéing it in duck fat for the last 30 years.

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