Hot Springs Are the Fountain of Youth


Dear Pharmacist,  I saw your facebook pictures of hot springs in Utah and you said that you’d actually fly to hot springs to get their healing benefits. This may be personal, but are you sick?  What’s in the water that is so healing? I’m curious because around here, hot springs are for hippies only.  –E.W., St. George, Utah

Answer:  Hippies? I am an Aquarian, so perhaps I qualify, LOL.  The mere thought of hot springs brings a rush of peace into my body and a deep breath. I prefer undeveloped hot springs that are nestled deep in the woods, or amidst a waterfall.

That facebook picture is me soaking at Pah Tempe in Hurricane, Utah which sits at the bottom of a red rock canyon ( Another favorite is Strawberry Hot Springs in Steamboat, Colorado ( which is heavenly, when the snowbanks are covered, and the hot springs are steaming. Some places are more developed, and water is piped to a jacuzzi-like tub. There are thousands of hot mineral springs all over the world.

Hot spring waters are a “fountain of youth” and are legendary when it comes to stories of healing. When I visited the Blue Lagoon in Iceland ( another American tourist said she flies there every month because the waters take away her Rheumatoid arthritis pain.  A Russian woman told me she cured herself of cancer, I didn’t ask what type.  I know one man who cured himself of psoriasis.

The waters contain minerals and sulfur compounds which go right through your skin to soothe aching muscles, ease joint pain, improve circulation, relieve skin irritations, boost immunity and ease breathing difficulties. Sulfur-based compounds help unstick dangerous pollutants. The experience can create harmony because you are soaking up healing nutrients from ancient waters bubbling up from the Earth’s core, and you absorb energy from the fresh air, the Earth, the trees and the sun.

I realize some of you cannot travel so next week, I will provide a list of natural, dietary supplements that detoxify you AS IF you were in a hot spring.  It will be my ‘hot springs in a pill’ column.

You asked if I am sick. I don’t mind answering that since I’m considered a ‘health coach’ to millions of people worldwide. The answer is no, I am healthy at 45, 115 pounds, size two.  Personal enough for you? It’s not entirely because of hotspringing, I eat an almost vegan diet, and avoid junk, boxed food and everything artificial. I do Pilates and Zumba dance, plus I take antioxidants. The biggest health ‘insurance’ I have is my state of mind. I focus on my blessings and avoid playing the tape of sad stuff to anyone in earshot. A clean diet, exercise, gratitude and positive thoughts go a long way at keeping disease (and wrinkles) at bay.

Did You Know?
Thyroid medications won’t work well if you are deficient in trace minerals.

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