Boulder activist returns from Arcticdrilling protests with inspired vision by Angela K. Evans 11


Journalist/author needs your help to fill in the blanks in the final years of a troubled man’s life (Part 2 of 2) by Caitlin Rockett 14


‘The Great Divide’ examines the water crisis in Colorado and surrounding states by Matthew DuBois 21


Boulder family journeys to worldrenowned rock climbing areas by Taylor Winchell 25


Celebrating a quarter of a century at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival by Joel Dyer 29


Nissi’s gets a facelift by Amanda Moutinho 33


Shoes and Brews brings running and craft beer together by Grace Boyle 51


5 THE HIGHROAD: Big political donors buying elections … and public policies

6 COMMENTARY: Socialism in the US?

7 LETTERS: Earth to Boulder; TPP closes eyes to sex trafficking; Tabor vs. the need for artists; Yes to Shakespeare

9 NEWS BRIEFS: Longmont, Boulder secure funds for spring weather damage

35 ARTS & CULTURE: ‘Terracotta Warriors 3-D’ explores the worlds in between

39 BOULDER COUNTY EVENTS: What to do and where to go

43 POETRY: by Julie Shavin

44 SCREEN: ‘The Wolfpack’ is profound

45 FILM: ‘The End of the Tour’ offers both sides of the coin

47 CUISINE REVIEW: This is not a review of Gold Hill Inn

49 TIDBITES: Food happenings around Boulder County

55 DRINK: The Pimm’s Cup is a cool sipper

61 ASTROLOGY: by Rob Brezsny

63 IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Guns in the hands of the mentally ill?; Robot waiters are here

65 WEED BETWEEN THE LINES: Boulder marijuana tax revenues on the rise

67 SAVAGE LOVE: Daddy issues; Defining sex

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