We are the Forgotten


We are the forgotten
The people no one will remember
The ones people will forget
Not exceptional just ordinary

We are the majority
We will be remembered as a whole.
Not part of the bigger picture
We leave nothing behind
We didn’t change the world
Or make history
People don’t look up to us
Or know our names

But did the remembered
Ever think it was better that way
Those that are remembered aren’t people
But rather a picture drawn and painted
By what they did or for somewhat they didn’t
What they were
What they weren’t
How they changed the world
For better or for worst
People are remembered in black or white
Rarely in shades of gray

I am happy to be forgotten
I will not do what it takes to be remembered
I won’t take the risk
Of being remembered for something I wasn’t
For if that is how I am remembered
Was I really ever how I am

I know that just because I will be forgotten
Doesn’t mean I wasn’t here.
Who cares if I am forgotten when I am gone
Because if someone was around to care
I would be remembered

Alice Cho is a young writer from Toronto, Canada. She loves to both read and write poetry.


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