The great Boulder County craft brewery guide


1. Very Nice Brewing Company

20 Lakeview Drive, Suite 112, Nederland, 303-258-3770,

You’ll find a number of refreshing and unique beers at Nederland’s Very Nice Brewing Company. Take the Steffie’s Heffie, a hefeweizen slightly bitters with hops for a light citrus kick. Or try the Calmer Than You Are Session IPA, made to burst with flavor while being drinkable. Want something a little more powerful? Try the Monk’s Phunk, the Belgian Abbey Ale named for the brewer’s mother.  

2. Uhl’s Brewing Company 

Uhl’s is one of Boulder County’s finest contract brewers — they use another brewery’s facilities, but source all their own ingredients and control the brewing process from start to finish. As such, you won’t find a taproom at which to visit Uhl’s but you can pick up a batch of their double-hopped New England-style double IPAs at any one of 25 liquor stores around the Front Range. As the motto goes, y’UHL love it.  

3. VisionQuest Brewery

2510 47th St., Suite a2, boulder,

Who better to start a new brewery than the guys who run Boulder Fermentation Supply, the one-stop shop for do-it-yourself brewers? VisionQuest Brewery founders Adam Kandle, Greg Foley and Greg Kalifa realized they had to open a brewery when they were struggling to keep up with the demand for their homebrew. Some beers, like the Nitro-Blackberry Sour, are gluten-reduced, while pours like the Hairchair Witbier are brewed with coriander and orange peel and fermented with Lithuanian farmhouse yeast and Norweigian ale yeast.      

4. Stein Brewing Company

2516 49th St., unit 5, Boulder, 303-396-0384,

When good friends gather around good beer, good things happen. That’s the founding ethos of Stein Brewing Company, a community-focused brewery and taproom with an always-changing line up of German, American and British-inspired brews. This summer, don’t miss their Rocky Mountain Rye Kolsh, made with hops from the Western Slope, or any of their small-batch brews, like the sweet Chocolate Milk Stout, the Belgian Saison with watermelon or the Pucker Up Sour with hints of tropical fruit.     

5. BRU Handbuilt Ales & Eats

5290 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, 720-638-5193,

BRU Handbuilt Ales & Eats founder Ian Clark channels his passion for never-filtered, naturally carbonated ales into his passion for food by creating delicious, beer-influenced food like the BRU sourdough pizza, which is made with IPA tomato sauce, ale sausage, kale and smoked shallots. Conversely, food-influenced beers include the Saison Du Bru, made with orange blossoms and black pepper, and the Duine Rua Irish Red ale made with cardamom and ginger.  

6. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse

1690 28th St., Boulder, 303-440-5200,

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, which started as a pizza shop in 1978 before becoming a brewhouse, operates six breweries in five states. The Boulder location serves as the company’s experimental brewhouse, however, and more than 150 brews are tested in Boulder each year while only a few are released nationally. Signature beers and seasonals rotate on tap, with several boasting awards like the North American Beer Award, the Great American Beer Festival Gold and the World Beer Cup. Brews from BJ’s span the color spectrum from the crisp German Kolsch-style Brewhouse Blonde to the rich amber of the Nutty Brewnette to the deep black of the PM Porter.  

7. Wild Woods Brewery

5460 Conestoga Court, Boulder, 303-484-1465,

Founders Jake and Erin Edwards share a love for craft beer and for the outdoors. While Wild Woods’ beers are on draft at restaurants across Colorado, the founders intended for customers to sip their brews in the natural surroundings that inspired them. That’s why you should pick up one of Wild Woods’ 22-ounce bombers before your next hike. With subtle notes of herbs, grains, fruit and other natural ingredients in its beers, Wild Woods is the perfect brew for those who prefer their drinks under the open sky.  

8. Boulder Beer 

2880 Wilderness Place, Boulder, 303-444-8448,

Boulder Beer is the first and oldest craft brewery in Colorado. Since 1979, the brewery has been widely recognized by consumers and the industry alike for its ever-growing line of Boulder beers. Stop by their taproom to try one of the classics like the Hazed & Confused pale ale and Pulp Fusion blood orange IPA, or one of their limited-release summer brews like the German-style Gender Fluid Lager or Bump ‘n’ Rind Watermelon Kolsch.

9. West Flanders Brewing Company

1125 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-447-2739,

The story of this brewery begins with two brothers, Mark and Chris Heinritz, and brewmaster Brian Lutz. In 2012 the trio opened West Flanders Brewing Co., stating a simple yet regal mission: to combine tradition and modernity in a beer made with passion. Passion! You can taste a hint of it in every single one of their brews, like the Drunk Monk, a Belgian abbey ale aged for nine months in Spirit Hound whiskey barrels.  

10a. Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery

1535 Pearl St., Boulder, 303-546-0886,

10b. Southern Sun Pub & Brewery

627 S. Broadway., Boulder, 303-546-0886

The Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery opened on Pearl Street in 1993 and its sibling, Southern Sun, came along nine years later. Its six-barrel operation makes this local brewery chain a great destination for food, drinks and conversation. Featuring house brews such as the “good lawn-mowing beer” Chazz Cat Rye and the Isadore Java Porter, a coffee porter infused with fair-trade organic coffee. Our advice? Try the Brewery Taster to enjoy six samples of your choice. If you’re in Longmont, try the Mountain Sun brews at the Long’s Peak tap room.   

11a. The Post Brewing Company — Boulder

2027 13th St., Boulder, 720-372-3341,

11b. The Post Brewing Company — Longmont

1258 S. Hover Road, Longmont, 720-588-2883

11c. The Post Brewing Company — Lafayette

105 W. Emma St, Lafayette, 303-5936-2066

Something magical happens when you pair hot chicken with cold beer. The Post Brewing Company’s three Boulder County locations all offer award-winning concoctions like Howdy Beer, a western pilsner that’s garnered international acclaim. Locations also include Longmont and Lafayette.  

12. Sanitas Brewing Co.

3550 Frontier Ave., Unit A, Boulder, 303-442-4130, 

Dedicated to locally sourced organic ingredients and sustainable methods, Sanitas Brwery aims to offer a unique experience in every beer. Take a sip of one of its core beers, including the Sanitas IPA 3.0 and farmhouse Saison, or the Sanitas Cherry Saison, one of the seasonal/limited releases. Founded by Michael Mesmic and Chris Coyne, Sanitas hosts community events and collaborations with local businesses for anyone to enjoy.   

13. Beyond the Mountain Brewing Company

6035 Longbow Dr., Unit 9, Boulder, 303-530-6981,

Beer and music both allow room for a lot of improvisation. To showcase the creativity of Beyond The Mountain, their taps are filled by one-off and seasonal beers developed with innovation and collaboration. Local and nationally touring bands have the opportunity to create an “Artist Series” of beers, which can be rich, fruity or light, depending on the collaboration. The Headspin double IPA is one example, influenced by The Jauntee band’s New England roots.    

14. Twisted Pine Brewing Co.

3201 Walnut St., Suite A, Boulder, 303-786-9270,

Originally founded by Colorado beer legend Gordon Knight in 1995, Twisted Pine Brewing Company is now owned by Bob Baile, the founder of Peak to Peak Brewing, who decided to merge the two companies under the Twisted Pine moniker. The Twisted Pine ale house is a gathering place for Boulder residents and visitors alike, and home to some of the best pizza in Boulder. Twisted Pine has won its fair share of accolades, including gold in the 2014 Wold Beer Cup for its Big Shot Espresso Stout. Last year, the brewery expanded its draft system to 30 lines, and acquired a pilot system for brewing smaller batches… keep your eyes peeled for what comes next from this Boulder establishment. 

15. Kettle & Spoke Brewery

2500 47th St., Unit 12, Boulder,

Small batches of undeniably good beer are a trademark of this intimate location. Right on the Goose Creek Bike Path, Kettle and Spoke Brewery’s goal is to produce tasty local beers the old-fashioned way — by hand. Their layered flavors are always enjoyable. Just check out their Sweet Cascade IPA or Hop Biscuit Amber, bursting with funky flavor. This spot is also joined with a bike shop, so drop in after a ride and get a dollar off your first beer.   

16. Finkel & Garf Brewing Company

5455 Spine Road, unit A, Boulder, 720-379-6042, 

This family-owned brewing company believes that selecting the perfect brew shouldn’t be a complicated experience. Father Dan and son Eric Garfinkel try not to take themselves too seriously. Finkel & Garf maintains a 15-barrel brewhouse in addition to producing freshly brewed root beer, which visitors can sip as they play a game of Original Nok Hockey or Tabletop Bowling. Ask for a tour of the brewery that celebrates being a kid at heart.   

17. Adamant Brewing and Blending

1001 Lee Hill Dr., Unit 10, Boulder,

This new Boulder brewery focuses on a variety of wild and sour beers. As a mixed-fermentation and oak-focused beer project, Adamant’s brews will not disappoint curious taste buds. Stop by the tap room to try their spring 2019 line, which includes the American Grisette-style beer and the dry-hopped American Grisette.   

18A. Upslope Brewing Company — Flatiron Park

1898 S. Flatiron Ct., Boulder, 303-396-1898,

18B. Upslope Brewing Company — Lee Hill

1501 Lee Hill Dr., Suite 20, Boulder, 303-449-2911

Upslope Brewing Company has earned a reputation for producing beer with high standards for flavor quality at both of its locations. With year-round styles like the crisp and effervescent Craft Lager and limited release seasonals like the light and juicy citrus of the Tea Shandy to choose from, it’s no surprise that Upslope has won over so many local fans. Enjoy Upslope brews at the original seven-barrel brew house on Lee Hill or the spacious and lively location at Flatiron Park.  

19. Fate Brewing Co. 

1600 38th St., Boulder, 303-449-3283,

FATE Brewing Company specializes in the unexpected, using eclectic and innovative brew styles and unique ingredients to create award-winning, highly drinkable craft beer. Each signature brew is named after a mythological being of fate or destiny, which guides the brewing of each core style. The Laimas Kolsch Style Ale, named after the Baltic goddess sisters of fate, is a pale ale that won gold at both the 2014 Great American Beer Festival and the 2013 Denver International Beer Competition. If you’re looking for a darker brew, the Sudice American Stout, named after the Slavic allotters of destiny, offers strong roasted malt paired with a bright, American citrus hop flavor.  

20. Asher Brewing Co.

4699 Nautilus Court, Suite 104, Boulder, 303-530-1381,

It took almost a full year of planning, research and hard, meticulous work to build the Asher Brewing Company tap room. But on Nov. 20, 2009, Chris Asher was finally able to sit back for a second, crack open one of his own cold ones, and truly enjoy what lay before him: Colorado’s first certified all-organic brewery. As if that weren’t “Boulder” enough, the place is also completely wind-powered. We’ll toast to that any day of the week.   

21. Avery Brewing Company

4910 Nautilus Court North, Boulder, 303-440-4324,

Are you truly a Boulder County resident if you haven’t been to this establishment? It’s one of the original pioneers of craft brewing on our home turf, and for that we (and seemingly the rest of the folks in this state) are grateful. They’ve been committed to producing eccentric ales and lagers that defy styles and categories since 1993. We’ll toast to more years of delightfully creative and bold suds. You’ll find dozens of great beers brewing on-site, so your best bet is to take their brewery tour and sample them all.   

22a. Bootstrap Brewing Company niwot

6778 N. 79th St., Niwot, 303-652-4186,

22b. Bootstrap Brewing Company Longmont

142 Pratt ST., Longmont, 303-652-4168

While they brew a wide selection of award-winners, Bootstrap Brewing is committed to putting some fun into the brewing process. With live performances in the taprooms, music is an important tenet of the Bootstrap philosophy. Instead of a recommended food pairing with each brew, Bootstrap selects a compatible music option for customers to enjoy as they sip different beers. Jam out to classic rock while sipping the 1956 Golden Ale, or chill out with the refreshing Chillax Pineapple Gold brew as you listen to some relaxing steel drums.   

23. Gunbarrel Brewing Company

7088 Winchester Circle, Boulder, 800-803-5732,

The brainchild of Jamie Fox and his wife, Marie, this brewery exemplifies the rugged individualism and freedom of the West. Coupling funky, delicate and raw flavors, these beers are inspired by ancient and modern techniques. Take a drink of the Tunder Peel, a bright, juicy IPA with tangerine and lemon notes, or the Philosopher’s Daughter, a funky barrel-aged farmhouse ale. With a huge space and rotating food trucks, the atmosphere of the brewery only adds to the tasting experience.  

24a. Oskar Blues Brewing & Tasty Weasel Taproom

1800 Pike Road, Longmont, 303-776-1914,

24b. Oskar Blues Grill & Brew

303 Main St, Lyons

Let’s face it: Oskar Blues is legendary. It’s one of the biggest, most successful craft breweries in the nation. With 16 great beers — all in cans — ranging from Dale’s Pale Ale to Barrel Aged Ten Fidy (the real black gold), Oskar Blues has your taste buds covered. If you’re stuck in Boulder check out the Pearl Street digs, too.   

25. Shoes & Brews

63 S. Pratt Parkway, Unit B, Longmont, 720-340-4290,

Lace up your shoes and drink up your brews! For the founders of Shoes & Brews, running and beer have a natural friendship. Selling running shoes and craft beers, this fine establishment is about as “Boulder County” as it gets, offering 20 taps for you to try, and enough running shoes to win the Bolder Boulder at some point in your life.   

26. Left Hand Brewing Co.

1265 Boston Ave., Longmont, 303-772-0258,

Left Hand Brewing’s tale starts in December of 1990, all thanks to a small homebrewers kit. Now 24 years later, Left Hand Brewing Co. distributes across the country, in addition to several countries overseas. Perhaps most famous for its Nitro series and Milk Stout Nitro, Left Hand Brewing is also one of the most honored and recognized breweries in the state, with dozens of Great American Beer Festival medals, a medley of World Beer Cup awards and many European Beer Star awards. Cheers!   

27. Brewmented

900 S. Hover St., Suite C, Longmont, 720-699-0214,

Former techies and the brains behind Brewmented, Vlad Aleksiev and Bill Campbell are laying the foundation for a new generation of ambitious homebrewers. Stop by Brewmented’s on-site brewery and tasting room to sample a delicious brew from the selection of rotating taps, or peruse the high-quality homebrew ingredients they also sell. They are happy to provide all the materials you’ll need and all the wisdom that comes from their years of experience.    

28.Grossen Bart Brewing

1025 Delaware Ave., Longmont, 720-438-2060, 

This brewery wants to elevate the existence of two concepts above all else: craft beer and awesome beards. That’s a campaign we can get behind. Not only does Grossen Bart (German for “big beard”) host the Boulder Facial Hair Club, its beers are also named after classic facial ’dos. The Stubble Kölsh (crisp, dry and fruity) and the Anker Beard Amber (caramel, toasted malt flavor) have rightfully won multiple excellence awards.   

29. 300 Suns Brewing 

335 First Ave., Unit C, Longmont, 720-442-8292, 

For 300 Suns Brewing, nothing compares to spending one of our 300 days of sunshine relaxing with a cold one. This brewery offers everything from red, brown, rye and pale ales to the darker stouts and porters, so you’ll be sure to find something perfect for your tastes. In addition to other events, including live music and exercise classes, 300 Suns hosts a competition for homebrewers to have the opportunity to get one of its brews on tap.     

30. 12Degree Brewing 

820 Main St., Lousiville, 720-638-1623,

Inspired by Belgium’s community-based beer culture, 12Degree Brewing aims to start conversations. With long community tables, a long bar and no TV, 12Degree encourages people to talk as they sip. Strike up a chat with family, friends or strangers as you try the Midnight Fog, with notes of chocolate, coffee and molasses; the Uteplis, a dry and refreshing beer brewed with hibiscus flowers; or any of the other unique brews available.  

31. Front Range Brewing Company 

400 W. South Boulder Road, Suite 1650, Lafayette, 303-339-0767,

As Lafayette’s first craft brewery, Front Range Brewing Company offers 10 core beers and a diverse rotating lineup. The brewery puts on weekly events, including a Tuesday Open Mic Night and a Thursday Bluegrass Jam. With a food menu listing appetizers, quesadillas, sandwiches and more, Front Range Brewing Company is the perfect place to go for a quality brew, a bite to eat and a night of live music.   

32. Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co.

297 U.S. Highway 287, Unit 100, Lafayette, 720-550-7813,

Founded by three former biotech/pharmaceutical professionals who decided to trade the corporate world for the world of brewing, Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co. believes that great beer connects people to the things that matter. The “small but mighty” company boasts awards for a large number of its brews and offers a long list of classic and seasonal beers perfect for any preference. To try everything from its IPAs to its ambers, porters and stouts, customers can stop by the laid-back Lafayette tasting room.  

33. Odd13 Brewing Inc.

301 E. Simpson St., Lafayette, 303-997-4164,

Take a sip of the Ice Cream Man or the Superduper Fan. Or, if you’re in the mood for a pale ale, try the Susan B(eer) Anthony or the nOOb, which was this brewery’s first beer. Each of Odd13‘s brews is represented by an enigmatic character and colorful artwork decorating the brewery’s cans and bottles. Named for the childhood area codes of owners Kristin and Ryan Scott, Odd13 offers a big variety of high-quality brews with big personalities.   

34. Endo Brewing Company 

2755 Dagny Way, Suite 101, Lafayette, 720-442-8052,

At Endo, it’s the bicycle theme that sets the place apart, from the name to the decor to the actual bicycle repair services available on-site. Endo Brewing regularly rotates a varied selection of IPAs, Belgians and experimental styles, so multiple visits won’t leave you bored. One of the house favorites is the Hardtail, a German-style Hefeweitzen balancing banana, vanilla and cloves.   

35. Redgarden Restaurant and Brewery

1700 Dogwood St., Louisville, 303-927-6361,

Come for the family-friendly atmosphere, stay for the good people and, of course, good beer. Sporting a variety of styles, all brewed on-site, in the restaurant, enjoy the Work Is Done IPA after a long day in the office, or a Pub Ale for something classic and familiar — however your day shakes out, Redgarden is the place to bring it all together and leave with a smile.    

36. Wibby Brewing

209 Emery St., Longmont, 303-776-4594, 

Although he had already been working as a professional brewer at breweries around the U.S., it was while studying brewing in Berlin that co-founder Ryan Wibby had an epiphany — use traditional German brewing techniques and pair them with the creativity of American craft beer.  Wibby Brewing produces staples like the IPL, Moondoor Dunkel and the award-winning Lightshine Helles, as well as seasonal brews, all available on tap at the Longmont taproom.     

37. Pumphouse Brewery 

540 Main St., Longmont, 303-702-0881,

The Pumphouse Brewery opened in 1996, after radically transforming the historic building to become a functional restaurant and brewery, while preserving much of the original architecture. Enjoy the quirky layout and sample brews like the strong Scotch ale Shockwave, the export stout Spotted Dog, the Angry Ginger, infused with freshly grated ginger, or the Cocoa Frambozenbier, infused with vanilla bean and cocoa nibs.    

38. Gravity Brewing

1150 Pine st., Unit B, Louisville, 303-544-0746,

Owned and operated by professional engineers, Gravity Brewing takes a scientific approach to beer. Serving a mix of lagers, pale ales and more, Gravity’s tasting room provides a spacious and relaxed atmosphere for customers to grab a beer, a bite and a seat on the sunny outdoor patio. If you’re looking for a down-to-Earth vibe and a little bit of everything when it comes to brews, it’s a scientific fact you’ll find just what you need at Gravity Brewing.  

39. Cellar West Artisan Ales

778-B W. Baseline Road, Lafayette, 720-465-9346,

Last year Cellar West Artisan Ales made the move into Lafayette for some more room and a change of scenery. This award-winning brewery did right, continuing to celebrate the people, places and purpose behind their brews. By embracing aggressive flavors found in their house blend of wild yeast, these brewers create unique, complex beers that are sure to bring you back again and again.   

40. Primitive Beer 

2025 Ionosphere St., Unit 101, Longmont, 914-255-7436, 

The first of its kind, Primitive Beer is a barrel-fermented beer blendery inspired by a centuries-old Belgian brewing method combined with modern technology and fresh Colorado ingredients. The purposefully still (without carbonation) sour brews come in wine-like variants such as French News Wave, which was aged in fresh red wine barrels. Though not open often (only twice a month, so call ahead), Primitive conveniently packages its brews in a boxed bag so you can take them on the go.   

41. Collision Brewing Company

2030 Ionosphere St., Longmont, 720-593-1401,

Crafted by brewmaster Jason Blythe, the variety of tastes at Collision Brewing Company will keep you coming back time and time again. From the Pinapples in Paradise, a Belgian tripel made with malted white wheat pineapple, to the Hit and Run, made with honey malt and rested on orange peels, or the 1st Gear, a tropical pale ale, you’ll find something to wet your whistle no matter your preference, curiosity or mood.       

42a. Crystal Springs Brewing Co. old towne taproom

604 Main St., Louisville, 720-572-7975,

42b. Crystal Springs Brewing Co. 

657 S. Taylor Ave., Unit E, Louisville, 303-665-8888

Crystal Springs Brewing Company was founded in May 2010 after a father-and-son pair spent 10 years dreaming of owning their own brewery. This small-batch local brewery produces mostly seasonal beers with a couple of year-round brews. The selection includes everything from a tart and fruity cherry saison called the Naughty Marilyn to a Russian imperial stout called the Black Saddle, which has been aged in wine barrels. Two taprooms in Louisville provide you access to German pretzels and pizza to enjoy with your beer.   


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