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Wall Street’s ‘Mom & Pop’ bankers

Don´t cry for Jamie Dimon, America. As CEO of JPMorgan Chase, this ruling mogul of Wall Street must now cope with the recently enacted financial reform bill, which imposes a host of new regulations meant to rein in the rip-offs, frauds and other excesses of Wall ...

Letters | Musings on letters

Musings on letters...

Fighting the superbugs of agribusiness

Not so long ago, the “miracle cure” of antibiotics prompted doctors to prescribe them for illnesses as minor as colds and upset tummies. But, then, people began to die. In droves. Why? Overuse of antibiotics led to the rapid evolution of savvy bacteria resistant ...

How to stop illegal immigration

I have a modest proposal for solving the problem of illegal immigration from Mexico without building a fence along the border or granting amnesty to those here illegally. Conquer Mexico. You know. Kind of like conquistadors, only north to south this time. Get ...

Letters | Peace center is irrelevant

Peace center is irrelevant...

Return of the Katrina trailers

0 They’re baaaack. The Creepy Creatures from Hurricane Katrina are reappearing on the Gulf Coast, having been raised from the dead. These creatures are the infamous contaminated trailers that federal emergency officials bought and set up in...

Letters | Race in the U.S.A.

Race in the U.S.A...

Paying the price of the Afghanistan war

0 good news is that the U.S. Senate and House are at last uniting in a truly bipartisan push to put billions of our tax dollars into the urgent national need for better schools, transportation and other essential services. Unfortunately...

Orwell got it backwards

Recently someone in Iran or Turkey had an insight: Just as war is too important to be left to the generals, peace activism is too important to be left to the pacifists. As a result, Islamists around the Middle East are getting in touch with their inner peace ...

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Look out, BP’s doing it again!

0 Ok, people, nature needs us to focus. All of us who love polar bears, whales, seabirds and other wildlife should put our minds together to send an urgent telepathic message to the animals in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska. Our message ...

Audio: Jim Hightower on Colorado’s shackling bill

Jim Hightower comments on Colorado's shackling bill. Jim Hightower on Colorado Shackling Bill by boulderweekly