Letters 8/12/21



Dear Editor,

Thanks so much for the good story by Angela Evans on Dr. Peter Lilienthal (re: “What’s up with microgrids? Aug. 5), one of the fathers of “microgrids” — electrical systems that can be “islanded” and keep operating when “Big Grid” electrical power goes out. 

As Dr. Lilienthal points out, the only way to have reliable electricity is to have the source of power where you are going to use it. As we’ve seen in California and Texas and many other places, relying on the “Big Grid” leads to Big problems when the grid goes down. In contrast, microgrids that can operate independently keep everything from our cars to our cell phones to medical equipment operating. 

For good stories on how microgrids have saved lives and businesses and everyday functions during extreme weather events, subscribe for free to Microgrid Knowledge on their website.

If we want to leave a functional electrical system for future generations, it is time to start learning more about microgrids and how they can keep us all powered in the coming century of “never seen before” weather events! 

You can start to learn more by attending the virtual Empower Our Future talk by Dr. Lilienthal on Thursday August 12, 2021 at 6 p.m.. Register ahead of time on the Empower Our Future website under events. The talk will also be videotaped and available along with other events at the same site. 

Thanks again for helping educate Boulder Weekly readers about why microgrids will help save our “bacon,” our cell phones, and in some cases our lives! 

Leslie Glustrom/Boulder 

Eat Cake

No member of Congress or serving on the Supreme Court is facing loss of income or eviction. Being fundamentally and functionally bipolar makes it unlikely our legislators can or will find agreement on addressing the economic woes of the public sector, and the Supreme Court, as the cloistered, elitist, life-time arbiters of the ordained meaning of the US Constitution, have so little connection with the realities of the hoi polloi that their pronouncements of the Holy Writ echo, passing on the wind like Marie Antoinette’s, “Let the eat cake.”  

Robert Porath/Boulder


Humboldt County, CA exported a guy to TV.

His name is Guy Fieri whose food is scary.

Guy falsely claims to have invented this food –

An Apple Pie Hot Dog.  Guy’s one weird dude!

Mr. Fieri, please stop.  You’re making us all ill.

And Guy, don’t lie, your crappy cuisine kills.

Clogged arteries are this TV clown’s specialty.

Guy’s bleached blonde hair is hardly “reality.”

Guy lies, and Stephen Colbert busted the fool!

The Apple Pie Hot Dog is gross, greasy gruel.

Colbert spoke of this dish as a joke long ago,

Gross Guy Fieri stole Colbert’s idea, y’know?

A Comedy Central bit became Fox News grist,

Because, like Guy Fieri, Fox is dumb as piss!

Go away now, mental midget.  Guy, get lost!

It’s time to deport Guy Fieri to the Amazon.                       

Jake Pickering/Arcata, California

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