Letters: 6/9/16

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Libertarian not Trump
On most of the things that you hate about Republicans, the Libertarians get it right, and on most of the things you hate about Democrats, the Libertarians get it right, too.

You hate the Republicans because they’re anti-gay marriage, pro war, anti-abortion, pro drug war, anti-immigration, pro spying on Americans not suspected of committing a crime, spend too much money on the military, and they want to use government to force their puritanical views on sex and their religion down everyone’s throats.

You hate Democrats because they’re pro war, anti-self-defense, pro spying on Americans not suspected of committing a crime, pro using the IRS as a weapon against their political enemies, pro enormous government — they made ObamaCare (one of the most hated laws ever) the law of the land, they hand over tax dollars to politically favored corporations (e.g. Solyndra, too big to fail bank bailouts, etc.), they’re crushing the economy by over-regulating businesses, and they can’t keep their hands out of your wallets and purses.

Libertarians get all of these issues right.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, the Libertarian Party selected former two-term New Mexico governor Gary Johnson as its presidential candidate and former two-term Massachusetts governor William Weld as its VP candidate.

As two-term governors, both Johnson and Weld have more experience as elected executive branch office holders than all the other presidential candidates combined. (All of the other candidates have zero experience as elected executive branch office holders while Johnson and Weld have a combined 14 years of experience). Unlike all the other presidential candidates, Johnson and Weld are not authoritarians and they’re not assholes.
This November, vote for what you want instead of voting against somebody you hate. Vote for peace, freedom, and prosperity. Make America sane.

Vote for Johnson/Weld. Vote Libertarian.
Chuck Wright/Westminster

The Donald
Has anyone ever taken the time to follow the mechanics of a Trump promise? In just one example, he says he will build a wall along the Mexican border and bring those (high-paid?) jobs back to the U.S.

OK, so now we have a 100-plus billion dollar wall (Trump claimed 10 to 15 billion having never walked the circuitous Rio Grand), which still cannot keep people from climbing or flying over it, tunneling under or simply taking a boat around to the open gulf shoreline.

Levi jeans production will return to the U.S. where they will pay our workers $25 per hour, which will increase the store price to $250 per pair.

Mexicans, having lost the Levi and other accounts lured by high U.S. wages will once again start crossing over to work for $10 per hour which, Levi will be happy to pay.

Relations with Mexico will assume an all-time low, and if there is anything we have learned from the Donald, after already insulting the Mexican government, he will pursue every avenue to make things worse — just the person we need to have his finger on the red button.
Tom Lopez / Longmont

Don’t be a Trumpist
I know that it is impossible to change perceptions once established, but perhaps I can keep someone from becoming a Trumpist. Donald is the ultimate Plutocrat, or government-run by-the-wealthy, candidate. The AP media, a monopoly run by its owner to create our views and let us know how we feel about them, has been very productive for Don. PR is a focused science. Social psychology shapes all advertising and sales.

Donald’s depreciating nicknames reflect G.W. Bush’s depreciating nicknames, which he gave to his intellectual superiors which he needed to control. I read three valley newspapers that run identical AP inputs, the same with TV news and Clear Channel radio news, only the editorials and letters differ, thankfully, but not much.

The way one becomes a billionaire is to steal millions from a thousand or thousands from a million or hundreds from a hundred million. It doesn’t matter; we take it all without regret and buy a bigger airplane. Don has done that too, times 10, if you believe him.

As a pathological liar we tell stories we believe in at the time, because it works for our purpose. It can always be changed later, if the news works with me. Science shows that the more we lie, the bigger our brain becomes. The better to keep track of it all. I guess that evolution.
John Hoffmann/Carbondale

Beer Pong is really scary
Legislating “beer bong” tables? I mean, c’mon. And, we know the “Central Park” speak is asking for a homeless crackdown before the summer gets rolling.

Why not waste time discussing who gets to use what bathroom, homeless excluded of course — wouldn’t want to encourage that nuisance.

Have a good day, honoring the death of Boulder’s progressive government.
Seth Brigham/Providence, RI

The reality of the poor
All kinds of blockades go up when I speak of giving the poor a voice. A Colorado Springs charity, in business since around 1964, says they will not join us because, they say, “The poor speaking out, instead of remaining muted is not political, it’s human.”

To illustrate this they held onto a myth and told me, “Maybe, the 70 percent of Americans in need are out of money because they have badly budgeted.” Rents in Colorado are two to three times what someone on the minimum wage can afford.

Blaming the under-paid, rather than the minimum wage being one-third of what’s needed just to meet a person’s basic needs is wrong.
Jan Lightfoot/Colorado Springs


  1. Chuck, are you saying Republicans are anti-immigration because that is what the liberals like to say, or because that is what you mistakenly believe? No one is against legal immigration. That little word “illegal” is a hard one for some people to pass through their lips.
    It’s just plain common sense to know who is entering our country and what their intentions are.

    • Libertarians want our borders to be completely open – no limits on immigration, no customs, no border patrol, no passports, nothing at all.

      Anyone can walk, fly, ride, or swim into the US anywhere at any time.

      • We libertarians & conservatives subscribe principally to the 2nd sentence in this era of liberalist lawlessness & subscription to NO principles.

        • You do realize that Libertarians would let almost all immigrants from anywhere in, correct? There would be no wall at all.

          You love to lump libertarians in with conservatives. You should probably ask them if they agree.

          • Libertarians opposing a `wall’ are probably thinking ahead to when pigrezzivist election-fraudsters put another BO in Power, & a wall will be used to keep worker/taxpayers >>IN<< instead of keep undesirables OUT !! .. Like your heinous IronCurtain.

          • They’re just afraid The Wall will interfere with the illegal trafficking of guns into Mexico, a healthy chunk of American arms trade.

          • Harpy064 is asleep dreaming-up more excuses. Yanno, like – Solyndra was not Obama’s fault, it was started under Bush; Fast&Furious (Project Gunrunner) was not Obama’s fault, it was started under Bush; theIRS being used a political suppression tool is not Obama’s fault, the commissioner was hired under Bush; …… so, ….. here it comes from Harpy064 & theVery SeriousPeople = all the Bad Stuff started under Bush !!!!!!

          • McCarthyite rhetoric & cred: well, Nikita Khrushchev did actually say .. vee vill Barry u.

    • BLDRsoFUNEE,

      Republicans are anti-immigration. If it’s just a matter of legal immigration versus illegal immigration, Republicans would support changing the law to legalize all foreigners to immigrate to the United States except those who are terrorists, criminals, enemy combatants or have dangerous contagious diseases provided that all immigrants are ineligible to receive any tax funded welfare benefit. Do you support such a change to the immigration law?

      Chuck Wright

      • We should know who is coming in and what their intentions are. Why do you have a problem with that?
        I shouldn’t be surprised that you are not rational- a few years ago you and I went back and forth whether public education should be available. You were against it. In your world, we’d see a few rich, many more poor, and little opportunity for those that start out with nothing. With public education, everyone has an opportunity.
        With that, in addition to open borders, we would be a nation of poverty and anarchy.

  2. Neither Johnson nor Weld are libertarians. They are both very authoritarian. Johnson would force Jewish bakers to bake a cake for Nazis and agrees with three quarters of Comrade Commissar Sanders positions. Weld has a history of vehement opposition to the right of self defense.
    Though they probably aren’t as bad as Hitlery or Chump.

  3. Wow, three out of five published letters are anti-Trump! No bias here, but I don’t expect anything else coming out of Boulder.

    The Daily Camera cut off comments. K.K. says it isn’t censorship, but we all know that’s BS. I suspect the City Council, planners, developers, influenced him, and if he ever had a spine, it crumbled.

    • Big BIG ups, phunee!!, that you would speak of this subject!!!

      When KK closed-down theDailyComrade, I immediately started coming here – knowing this publication to be another leftwinger fever-swamp. Wade right into the middle of it w/ my little Sting, that’s where I’m comin’ from!
      because progressivist-indoctrinated editorship’s extremely biased business-model concentrates favoritism for one political side over all others – instead of prior-journalism’s objectivity & cautious middle-of-the-road approach – & their `customers & investors’ are offended, subsequently resulting in massive loss of subscription-base & loss of access to capital. But instead of being logical, sane business operators & re-organizing their model to succeed in the market – no, these are poisoned ideologues foremost.
      I think what KKaufman is saying is – the intent was, a modern-liberalist(closet- Hard Lefter)-centered “civility” — as Obama called for 3-or-4yrs ago to snooker not-leftextremists into .. `compromising’ where leftists wouldn’t have to. The not-leftists would behave more compromising & `civil’ towards leftist-extremists. See, when I 1st started coming to theBDC, the egregious HardLefters had it all to themselves. But their unrepentant ARROGANCE drew a few assertive not-leftists to confront them. When I complained of being editor-censored, Kaufman personally wrote me back (3Jun last-yr) w/ a stunning censure that according to him .. I was consistently racist, that I name-called, & that liberals couldn’t comprehend what I thought I was talking about. He ordered that he would `ban’ me if I didn’t write more cordially of Boulder’s `liberal’-narrative. …. I suppose I was more circumspect in directly-aimed wisecracks – otherwise I changed nothing.

      RFerandez on his PJMedia-blog, currently has an examination of the mass-insanity that is this era’s leftism.

      • KK wasn’t targeting you, ern. I got the same sort of treatment. Explain.

        No, what KK is doing is following corporate policy. But you have no problem at all with that.

        • Well, there are many of us who would agree it is incomprehensible what you think you are talking about, but it IS an amusing thought Kaufman being on your case for being a RAYZIZ !

          • Yet their sister publication, the Denver Pest, seem able to endure Disquis. I sure would like to know if the DC is watching the number of page views and average time spent on a page. The real purpose of comments is economic, and I would love to know what effect, if any, comments have on ad revenue.

          • Perhaps some big BDC advertisers didn’t like the tone of some comments and the skepticism of BDR politics.

            The irony is that I’ve never seen anything on the BDC that even comes close to what I would consider genuine flamage. I miss the old USENET days. That was a lot more fun, free-wheeling, and open than the corporate-filtered junk we get now.

          • It’s possible that the BDC will allow comments again once they see a drop in visits. The current editorial board commentary on the no-comment policy is ironic.

      • KK has been trying To silence frequent commenters on these threads, especially the ones critical of city council, the one sided reporting from that rag and the pro-development and density stance they’ve taken, not to mention the chronically offended demographic of political correctness freaks that have invaded Boulder with their whine of social injustice, lack of subsidized housing and BARF mentality from San Fran.

        It has absolutely nothing to do with liberals vs. conservatives. You do realize the majority of dissenters of city council, development and density ARE liberal commenters?

        I think one thing we can agree on, it’s definitely censorship, no matter how you cut it.

        • I estimate your so-called dissenters of lib mind-freak, are more just displaying their inner-contradictions. I refuse to read many of the right-sizing city-council/ affordable homeless fracking malarkey because it features too much of Boulder’s trust-funders wanting things both ways. Like the LGBTXYZs who voted for BHO in yuuuuge numbers – they wanted to show islam how non-theatening they are & they wanted the2ndAmendment deleted. But this wkend we ..again.. see how wrong & contradictory liberal philosophy is.

          • And I estimate you are are still obsessed with Obama since you can’t manage to post anything without mentioning his name. I don’t have an obsession with Islam nor do I want the 2nd amendment deleted nor do I consider myself liberal. I happen to live in Boulder and pay attention.

    • I think the Camera has signed on to the news gospel of development and denisification, and a general drive to return Colorado to Republican control. Whatever the case, cutting out the comments has trimmed my average visit to the Camera to a brisk few minutes.

          • But that is viewed by LeftTruthers as a malady that you & Barrrrack will `fundamentally-transform’.

          • Imagine .. ceeFu064 not according Democrats their chief benefactors `the 1%ers’, or rich LEFTwing oligarchs like GeoSoros & PeterLewis & various bundlers for Solyndra & AboundSolar & FiskerAutomotive, or Colorado’s Gang-of-4, or TomStreyer or Dem-swell JeffreyImholt or multi-millionaires `DamascusNancy’ Pelosi & Elizabeth `poor-are-getting-poorer rich-are-getting-richer’ Warren, >>>>>> or BHusseinO whose net-worth has materialized from near zilch when He began as a Illinois state-senator to 12.5M today(low-balled) as a simple stinkin’ Effin’ public-servant!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Why do you think Bernie is my avatar? We have two slightly different wings of the Corporate Party today. Center-right and extreme-right.

            You ought to be pleased with HRC – she’s a Republican just like you are. Not as lunatic, but right-wing enough to earn your vote.

      • I do agree with you that the camera is endorsing development and densification but I don’t believe they’re on a general drive to return to Colorado public control.

        I’ve seen a divide in the democrats happening for a while now and now the Dems are seeing their version of the tea party, composed mostly of younger people that are used to getting whatever they want if they stomp their feet or yell loud enough.

        Developers use these naive young people as an excuse to push for more density and the Camera thinks they’ll generate more readership with more people moving here.

        I do agree, that my time is brisk these days at the camera site.

        • I think there was a certain similarity between the housing crisis people and the Bernie movement: “Good work! Nice little town/political party you have here. Now here’s a list of changes you must make.” I think a lot of the YIMBY stuff is being directly imported from San Francisco, and I even spotted a right-sized street exactly like our failed experiment in the background of one report.

          • I’ll have to axe the spell check. Just changed public to republican in previous comment.

            I agree much of this YIMBY nonsense is coming from the BARF movement in San Fran.

          • Did you note how local seer Bob Greenlee saw no connection between the frenetic construction of office space and Boulderia’s putative housing crisis? Companies locate in cities in which their employees want to live, thereby making it less possible for anyone to live there. This is obviously the fault of people who already live there.

          • You must be speaking of that opinion on 6/2. I saw it and yes, he blames we the people for creating the “moat” around Boulder and height restrictions instead of laying the blame with city officials that have created more jobs than housing.

            At least he recognizes the YIMBY movement as making us all shudder.

  4. From somewhere-else on the’Net =
    “If I’m Trump, here’s my pitch: —– So theUSA Today — very bad paper, they call it `theMcPaper’, but that’s unfair because McDonald’s offers real value. Have you tried their dollar menu? Superb! — USA Today sez I don’t pay my bills. That’s crazy. I’m like, the best bill-payer you’ll ever see. I pay bills I haven’t even gotten yet. But say they’re right, isn’t that what America needs, a guy who knows how to stiff creditors? See, you people had the chance to elect MittRomney, a turnaround artist, a guy who’s really, really good at taking busted companies & busted nations & fixing them. But instead you RE-elected(!) Skippy, who’s doubled the national debt to $20Trillion, & when you count the unfunded obligations it’s more like 80 or 100Trillion, & America’s never gonna be able to pay all that. Never! We’re only still in business now because Treasury’s good at stringing people along, & believe me, that’s something I understand too.

    So when we go bust — & thanx to Cloward/Piven Democrats we will — don’t you want a guy at the helm who can stiff his creditors & still come out smelling like a rose? Of course you do! And that’s me, not Crooked Hillary!”

        • That’s a dilemma. I don’t want to uproot the kids, and I love our custom home with a view of the flatirons. But soon when the kids are gone, and the view is gone, I look forward to making an enormous profit off the house, and living happily ever after in a town with some sanity.

    • Back when Seth was in the news, I wasn’t yet aware of how despicable the City Council is. Had I known, I may have applauded his antics.

      • The city council isn’t despicable just because they don’t agree with your crazy viewpoint. If you want to know why comments disappeared from the Camera, look in the mirror.

        • At least we agree that it’s about censorship. The City Council doesn’t want to be called out for wasting our money on their silly pet projects, while neglecting what is in the best interests of Boulder residents. The muni, the Folsom fiasco, the sister city nonsense, the increase in crime due to the invasion of transients, it goes on and on.

          You’re okay with all of this?

          The comments provide diversity of opinions and increase awareness. Now if we read The Camera, we only see the narrow view that they want us to see, with no critique. That’s their choice, but their readership will dwindle down to a fraction.

          • I have my doubts how much the gen’rl public cares about the comments, not that the Camera has ever let its readers interfere with its editorial decisions. I thought the comments were often more interesting than the official content, and a useful barometer of what the local lunatics thought about the various local agendas being pushed. It’s so much easier without these little nagging voices. No impertinent upstart can point out that Espinoza, their pick, ducked campaign finance rules and will look after business interests, not necessarily those of the hoi palloi.

          • You didn’t answer my question. Are you okay with how the City Council is wasting our money? You seem annoyed and blame me for the 86ing of the comments. That’s flattering. My comments against CC were not nearly as persistent and harsh as some other commenters (Monk, Bleeth).
            Nor am I as quick to resort to personal insults and name-calling as some commenters, like you. I’m way more well-behaved than you.

          • Hey, Mr. FUNEE, my comments may have been harsh but they were spot on. The Camera axed the comment section because they can’t handle the truth of people like us pointing out that their one-sided reporting skills and the fact they are shills for city council, density and development.

            You would also do well to remember that referring to people as “weenies” is technically name-calling, something you claim you don’t participate in.

          • You misunderstood me. I appreciate the comments of you and others who call out City Council. I was pointing out that my criticisms of CC are mild compared to others, because Heiny said that I was the reason the comments were axed.
            Since I don’t often call names, I thought I deserved to self-indulge and call Heiny a weenie for a day 😉

          • Well alrighty then. It’s good to see some of the same faces from the defunct Camera site on here.

          • I’m not going to elaborate on all Boulderia’s local issues for some webnut. You would know already if you had any memory left.

          • “You would know already if you had any memory left.”

            I’m not sure what that means. I’m supposed to remember what exactly? I’m supposed to have read and remember everyone of your 50,000 comments? You sure think quite highly of yourself.

            I actually think you agree with what I said. But pretending to disagree is more fun when you like to stir things up, complain, and insult people.

            I bet my memory is better than yours. I’m a lot younger, and I don’t get stoned.


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