Letters 6.10.21


The filibuster should be put out of our misery

The filibuster is an archaic relic of America’s racist past. The rule has no place in a modern democracy.

In the past century, segregationists and white supremacists have brandished the filibuster to block over 200 anti-lynching bills and to frustrate passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act for 60 days. It is prime time to slay this racist cudgel.

“Democratic” Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are acutely aware of this history as they continue to express support for the filibuster. I urge them and the rest of the Senate to have courage and get rid of the filibuster this summer. Americans voted for a progressive national agenda— we can’t let a minority of senators continue to protect racist policies using the filibuster.

Rob Edward/Louisville

Intelligent, nationwide approach

Want to thank Chuck Wright for his letter “Move the Needle on Gun Violence” (Re: Letters, May 13). I appreciate the proposed “outside the box” ideas to address the causes of gun violence instead of just throwing more ineffective and unpopular gun control legislation at the problem (kind of like throwing more drugs at cancer instead of addressing the causes of that). State-by-state or city-by-city legislation doesn’t work because anyone can cross any state or city line and still get whatever gun they want. We need an intelligent nationwide approach.

What do countries with much less gun violence do that the U.S. is not doing? Are people who are healthy, happy, welcome in the community, well fed and uniquely respected likely to commit gun violence? It would seem not.

How about we look to put people to work in healthy regenerative agriculture and energy sourcing and shoring up our infrastructure; consider transitioning into a more sustainable (not consumer-based) economy; reduce our focus and spending on militarist activities; and provide maternity/early childhood parental leave, secondary education and full spectrum health care for all who want it at no extra cost to the people? Rep. Judy Amabile said, “…what can we do in terms of mental health that will make it easier to get an appointment with a psychiatrist than it is to go buy a gun,” (Re: News, “The tide has turned,” May 13.) 

Yes, what can we do that will make it easier to do anything except buy a gun and randomly shoot people when we are upset? Why do we even think that is an option?

R. Lawrence/Boulder

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