Letters: Nov. 3, 2022


More murals, please

Thank you for the walking tour of Boulder street art, outlined in the Boulder Insider issue (Aug. 18, 2022) by Caitlin Rockett. 

We enjoyed seeing the murals, and particularly enjoyed the background Caitlin provided on each artist. If there are 100 such street art pieces in Boulder, can you do more tours?

MP Donahue/South Boulder

Re-elect the people’s lawyer

As a woman, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is — to this day — a gut-punch. Phil Weiser, Colorado’s current Attorney General running for re-election this November, understands that even though abortion remains legal in Colorado, Dobbs undermines women’s equality and personal freedoms. By denying women the right to control their reproduction, physical and mental health, and in some cases, literally life-saving medical care, Dobbs denies women equality and personal freedom. Phil Weiser is committed to protecting the rights of pregnant women who come to Colorado for reproductive health care — and, just as importantly, the rights of their doctors.

With Phil we get a keen legal mind, committed to defending our democracy, and the rights of the people, in the face of unprecedented challenges.  

Phil is the candidate with the proven track record of protecting democratic principles — the importance of which cannot be understated these days. When an elector voted for the presidential candidate of his choice (John Kasich), not the winner of the popular vote (Hillary Clinton), Phil defended the right of the Secretary of State to remove that elector. Phil argued Colorado Department of State v. Baca in the U.S. Supreme Court and won. Now, we know that presidential electors must cast their Electoral College Votes in accordance with State law, not a candidate they choose.

Cynthia Coffman, Phil’s predecessor, used her time in office to benefit women and children. Although she is a Republican, Phil earned her endorsement because of his ability to work across the aisle and his continuation of domestic violence, sexual assault, substance abuse treatment, childhood sexual abuse recovery, and school safety initiatives. Please join me in proudly voting for Phil Weiser.

Cathern Smith/Louisville

CU South should be a county issue

It is a misfortune that 2F, the referendum to repeal the CU South annexation, is not a countywide issue. There are many people other than Boulder residents who have found respite in visiting the site of the CU expansion and the City’s flood mitigation effort. Also, the impact of the projects, during and after construction, on already congested morning and evening traffic on highways 35, 93, 119, and South Boulder Road are county concerns, especially the proposed new intersection connecting the “South Campus” to 93. The current “as is” access open to everyone will disappear entirely. It is time the Commissioners act on addressing their absence of concern for their constituents. 

Robert Porath/Boulder

An insult 

So the library foundation, a 501(c)(3), has given $75,000 dollars to library district supporters in a political contest against those who want to keep Boulder’s libraries as a function of local government. It may be legal — that’s for the IRS to sort out, but it insults some past foundation supporters and funders. The foundation’s contribution is certainly outsized compared to the funding of most local ballot measures.

This is a good example of the problem with an unelected group of trustees making financial decisions that suit their particular preference. It is exactly the problem with an autonomous, unelected board of trustees of a library district… only instead of endowment income, it will be your property tax. Vote “no” on 6C.

​​Susan M. Osborne/Boulder

CU South agreement is flawed

I’m voting “yes” on 2F to repeal the annexation agreement with CU because the agreement is too flawed to be accepted as is. What flaws?

1. Increased traffic congestion — The City (as well as all of us who live in the area) knows that the intersections near CU South are already “at capacity” during rush hours. There is no space to accommodate thousands more vehicles.

2. A huge development at the Gateway to Boulder — This is not just about 1,100 housing units for CU employees and students. In addition, City Council has agreed to provide water and sewer for 750,000 square feet of offices/classes/meeting rooms (that’s the equivalent of over 12 buildings the size of McGuckin’s), a 3,000-seat stadium, plus other services and facilities.

3. Noise, light and air pollution — Residents on the Hill and for a mile or more surrounding the Buff’s stadium, Chautauqua or Fairview High know what it’s like to live with the amplified sound, intense lights and crowds of thousands — these are the additional impacts that will be created by the proposed CU South development. These impacts will also impact the solitude of the adjacent South Boulder Creek State Natural Area plus the imperiled pollinators and wildlife trying to survive there.

4. Inadequate flood control — All flood waters from the Viele drainage and South Boulder Creek flood waters in excess of 100-year flows will drain into Frazier neighborhoods and flood them. With climate change generated extremes, such flooding is certain to happen.

5. We will have to pay for it — Instead of this development “paying its own way” (as we require of other developments), we will all have to pay large increases in our utility bills, plus pay the costs to make this new CU campus safe from 500-year floods and to acquire the “open space” lands that were part of the gravel mine and need to be restored. Also, rather than the required 25% units of affordable housing, only 10% affordable units will be required.

It’s a bad deal. Join me in voting “yes” on 2F to repeal the very unnecessary CU South annexation agreement. We need a fair deal. We can do better. We do need more housing for CU faculty, staff and students, and a wise flood control plan — but we do not need to accept all these flaws and an entirely new campus where adequate transportation access is not possible. 

Deb Grojean/Boulder

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