Letters: 6/21/18

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On nuclear power

Mr. Danish, we already have more than enough radioactive waste for which we have no safe solution (Re: “The cost of killing nuclear power,” May 24, 2018, The Danish Plan). Also further centralization of the power grid is backward, not futuristic thinking. I do wish self-described, “individualistic and independent” Libertarians would stop their defense and promotion of corporate, fat-cat America. It is quite unbecoming.

Robert Porath/Boulder

Weiser for AG

Colorado is ready for new and honest leadership in the office of Attorney General, and Phil Weiser is the Democratic candidate we deserve.

Phil has a long history of legal success: he clerked for Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg, he served in the U.S. Justice Department under presidents Clinton and Obama, and most recently he was Dean of the University of Colorado’s Law School. Legal expertise — Phil is ready to protect all citizens of Colorado by serving us as our Attorney General.

Just like all of us, Phil Weiser is concerned about the planet’s environment and water, kids who spend precious and often dangerous time in schools, public health system and hard-working immigrants. Phil is the leader who will solve the problems our state faces. 

He personally visited and talked to Coloradans in all 64 counties. He listened and knows our concerns. As Attorney General, he will continue to listen and address our needs.

I’ve known Phil for several years and know he’s ready to lead Colorado law and look out for us.

On June 26, please join me in electing Phil Weiser, the leader who is ready to serve us.

Kathy Rosenbloom/Lafayette

I can’t vote for Mark Williams, but you should

Being 16 and politically involved is tough. You can be informed, committed and passionate about the issues, you just can’t vote!

I’m a committed volunteer, supporting Mark Williams for Congress. I shoot and edit campaign videos, produce Facebook Live events, and pitch in. I’ve also been checking out his opponent, and the disparity is unequivocal.

Mark had no interest in political life before Trump’s election. His real-world experience (F15 fighter pilot, Naropa University, Start-Up world), and commitment to clean politics, have sparked a buzzing, inspirational, people-powered-campaign.

His opponent, Joe Neguse, is a career politician, heavily funded, pre-selected, establishment candidate, trying to run out the clock, repeating pre-rehearsed soundbites, canceling debates, hiding behind expensive, shallow, TV ads, and unwarranted big-wig establishment endorsements. Recently Neguse called Joe Biden to his rescue! Never before has a VP interfered in a safe-Democratic district primary race. This is the greatest compliment to Williams, who is dominating the race with ideas, integrity, leadership and snowballing popularity.

Despite being outspent 10-1, Mark accepts no PAC or special interest funding, is entirely transparent on his stances (i.e. Fracking Ban) beholden only to us, his constituents.

I so want to vote for Mark Williams. He is an exceptional candidate, authentically “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Being 16, I can’t vote. But you can. Vote Mark Williams, the better choice for Congressional District 2.

Omri Dayan/Boulder

Power and Danish

Thanks to Paul Danish for his piece on the cost of shutting down the nuclear power industry. He is absolutely correct in asserting that our failure to develop advanced nuclear power reactors has put the U.S. and the world into a major bind. No combination of wind, solar and batteries can hope to sustain a modern economy, and the only thing keeping the renewable energy system running is the abundance of cheap natural gas. According to experts such as Arthur Berman (www.artbeman.com), the fracking bubble is not likely to continue for more than 10-20 years.  That puts us right at the point in time, (2030-2040), where most “clean energy” plans want to be self sustaining just as the indispensable back-up fuel (natural gas) runs out.

Several years ago I heard Mr. Danish make a comment about making Boulder a 100 percent non-carbon electric user by converting the Valmont power plant to nuclear. At first I thought it was just Paul being Paul, but now, after learning more about advanced nuclear reactors that use molten salt for cooling, and thorium for fuel, I am convinced he was onto something. Many versions of these reactors are actively being designed and tested, and a 300 MW unit, which would be more than enough to power Boulder could be brought to the Valmont site on a truck and put into operation by 2030. Such a reactor (see www.terrestrialenergy.com) would take up around five acres of land and would operate for seven years, 24/365, without refueling or emitting any CO2. It would also be passively safe, and would contain all its waste safely inside the salt contained in the reactor vessel.

I urge all residents of Boulder and Colorado to learn more about this fantastic technology. A good place to start is by reading the book Super Fuel by fellow Boulderite, Richard Martin.

William B. DeOreo, P.E., M.S./Boulder


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