Letters: 4/4/19

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On EPA budget cuts

I am a part of a generation that has begun to feel the impacts of climate change and fear the consequences of inaction by our elected officials. Younger generations like mine are anxious about the prospects of our future as we watch this administration deny climate change and continually rollback important environmental protections. The new proposed budget cut for the EPA is yet another move in the wrong direction in solving the climate crisis.

The White House recently announced their proposed budget for fiscal year 2020 and are seeking to cut the EPA’s budget by a staggering 31 percent. The Trump administration’s latest attack on the EPA is another step towards undercutting a vital agency that can mitigate climate change and whose duty is to protect our air, water and health.

Climate change is a legitimate national emergency and this administration needs to take the threat seriously. As a student at CSU and an intern for the climate action group Defend Our Future, I am calling on Representative Neguse, Senator Gardner and Senator Bennet to reject Trump’s proposed budget cut to the EPA and to protect and prioritize their constituent’s right to clean air and water.

Mackenna Majors/Fort Collins

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