You may soon be able to 3D print a brain scanner

Home electroencephalography may be on the way



For those not tremendously interested in the impacts that 3D printing may have on manufacturing, Wired is reporting that  a team of developers are working on a 3D-printable brain scanner.

From the article…

Bootstrapped with a little funding help from DARPA — the research arm of the Department of Defense — the device is known as OpenBCI.
It includes sensors and a mini-computer that plugs into sensors on a
black skull-grabbing piece of plastic called the “Spider Claw 3000,”
which you print out on a 3-D printer. Put it all together, and it
operates as a low-cost electroencephalography (EEG) brainwave scanner
that connects to your PC. 

There is one catch…

But the thing won’t work without the mini-computer that plugs into the headset. Last month, Russomanno and Murphy launched a Kickstarter project
to fund the development of this Arduino-compatible hardware. They hit
their goal last week and expect to ship their first systems in March.

That computer only costs about $300, making home brain scanning a technology that could be cheaper than the latest Playstation. What possible use does one have a for a home-printed brain scanner? Brain-hacking obviously. 

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