Shooting in Weld County leaves 4 dead


An early-morning shooting in unincorporated Weld County has left four dead, Weld County Sheriff’s spokesman Tim Schwartz says.

Schwartz says the shooting is an apparent murder-suicide. The sheriff’s office is still investigating.

Schwartz says the incident started at about 4 a.m., when a dispatcher received an emergency call from a woman at 11464 Hot Spring, located in a mobile home park northwest of Highway 119 and County Road 3 1/2.

The caller, a woman, gave the address, Schwartz says, after which the dispatcher heard the caller say, “No, no, no.” The dispatcher then heard gunshots.

“A male gets on the phone,” Schwartz says, “says he’s going to kill himself.” Then the dispatcher heard another gunshot.

Schwartz says Weld County’s S.W.A.T. team arrived to find four bodies; three are adults, one is not yet identified as an adult or teenager.

One handgun was found on the scene and had been fired multiple times.

The Weld County Sheriff’s Department is not releasing victims’ names until their identities can be confirmed. It’s not yet clear who owned the handgun or the mobile home. Schwartz says the department is not releasing whether any of the victims were related.


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