Horse herpesvirus hits Boulder County


The state’s recent outbreak of equine herpesvirus is having an increasing impact on Boulder County horse owners with each passing day.

Department of Agriculture spokesperson Christi Lightcap told
Boulder Weekly that there has been one confirmed case of herpesvirus in
Boulder County, and that horse has been quarantined.

Due to the outbreak, the Boulder
County Fairgrounds in Longmont has been closed to all equine and camelid (llama and
alpaca) events and open rides through Tuesday, May 31.

The Department of Agriculture says that a total of nine horses in the state have tested positive for equine herpesvirus. Two that tested positive were
euthanized after showing severe neurological impairment. There are 22
horses in the state that are suspected of having the disease and are
awaiting test results. Twelve quarantine and hold orders have been issued in eight counties (Bent, Boulder, Larimer, Mesa, Morgan and Weld).

The outbreak appears related to initial cases at
a cutting horse show in Ogden, Utah, that was held from April 29 to May

The riding arena and stalls at the Longmont fairgrounds have been closed to the public, and no horses or camelids
are allowed on the fairgrounds property. Overnight stalling in the barns is
prohibited. The scheduled reopening will be dependent on the course of the
current outbreak.

More information is available at 


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