Our next 30 years

Boulder Weekly has been serving local journalism since the '90s

Courtesy: City of Boulder

Boulder Weekly published its first edition in 1993. But we weren’t “official” until 1994, at least in the eyes of the state. Boulder Weekly incorporated as a business on June 2, 1994. That makes this our 30th year in print. 

A lot has changed in that time. The funding model for local journalism has all but collapsed and is only now being rebuilt through the hard work and ingenuity of new founders and journalists. We are smaller than we used to be, in both the number of staff and the thickness of the paper. 

The names behind the news have changed too. Our longest-tenured reporter has 18 months at Boulder Weekly under their belt. I’m the newest: I’ve been here for less than 1% of the paper’s history.

But the important stuff — like producing one-of-a-kind, 100% independent journalism — is unchanged. As it says on the front of every edition, “Free every Thursday for 30 years.” That’s true — we haven’t missed one yet. Owner and founder Stew Sallo is still at the helm, making us truly local.

Our anniversary edition theme is change. We’ve got stories from the past, present and future for you, from all over Boulder County:

And it’s not just the news section. Our arts and culture writers delved into: 

Want to party like it’s 1994? Check out this staff pick playlist from the year that birthed Boulder Weekly.

As for what the future holds, I’m interested in bringing new voices into the paper, covering things we haven’t before and expanding the community conversation. I hope to usher in an area of unprecedented reader engagement and news by you, for you. 

You can help shape Boulder Weekly over the next 30 years by letting us know what you think. My inbox is always open.

What’s your history with Boulder Weekly? Tell us about your favorite stories or covers — or maybe our most memorable mistakes. Photos welcome, too! We’ll feature reader recollections throughout the year. Send ’em to editorial@boulderweekly.com