Winter warmers

Courtesy: The Galentines

Looking to refresh your listening life this winter season? Boulder Weekly has you covered with a roundup of local bands that are sure to warm up your tired old playlists. Get comfy in your best cold-weather loungewear, grab a steaming mug of hot chocolate and cozy up with these emerging artists and their favorite seasonal jams.

(C) Michelle N. Deyden ((C) Michelle N. Deyden (Photographer) – [None] Courtesy: mlady


Hannah Beeghly, lead singer of Denver-based mlady, describes her band’s music as “cringe because it’s vulnerable, but cool because it’s real.” To that end, her songs feel like diary entries soundtracked by a cacophony of smooth bass and catchy melodies. 

Formed in 2018 with bassist Sam Paul, drummer Sydney Jones and guitarist Austin Bourdon — along with help from music engineer Chris Beeble — the band is a group of misfits who find connection through making music that “works your way into your ears, gets stuck in your brain and settles in your heart.”

 Defined by reverb-y guitar, harmonious vocals and indie rock flair, mlady’s indulgent dream pop makes it hard to resist as the days get shorter and temperatures plummet. 

“Something about the seasons changing and the weather cooling down makes me crave a more introspective listening experience,” Beeghly says. “Step into your feelings, some PJs and turn on mlady until your mood matches the weather.” 

mlady’s Winter Warmers:

  • “Unison” by Björk
  • “Snowflake” by Kate Bush
  • “When Do You Know” by mlady
  • “Hammond Song” by The Roches

Courtesy: The Galentines

The Galentines

After meeting at CU Boulder in February of 2023, the eclectic group of young women who formed The Galentines embarked on a mission to shake up the campus music scene. Lead singer Codi Jantch, guitarists Birdie Wren and Linda Horne, bassist Brynn Moncur and drummer Essie Horne say they are constantly looking for fresh ways to reflect their expansive taste — from indie to punk and points in between. 

After building a solid fan base with performances at Boulder’s Fox Theater and other spots along the Front Range and Western Slope, the band is moving into a new phase for the winter season, taking a break from the live stage to focus on songwriting and releasing new material. 

“We’re still finding our sound and working on some music including a song called ‘November Over Nothing,’” Jantch says. “We are hoping to potentially have some music out by the New Year.” 

The Galentines’ Winter Warmers:

  • “It’s Different For Girls” by Of Montreal
  • “White Winter Hymnal” by Fleet Foxes 
  • “November Over Nothing” by The Galentines (release date TBD)

Courtesy: On the Dot

On the Dot 

The Boulder-born and raised band On the Dot first formed through bedroom sessions between four enthusiastic musicians. Fresh off the release of their new full-length album Quite Perplexing, the band (Harrison Peña, Calder Haubrich, Carmen Michael Yon III and Nathan Burak) has evolved in huge leaps from their humble house-party beginnings. 

“As soon as we met, we knew our primary focus would be writing, recording and mixing,” says Peña, who handles vocals, keys and guitar. “But what we didn’t expect was how much fun we would have playing together live.” 

The band has expanded its audience through these live performances, boasting nearly 3,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. This winter season is a good time to join the ranks, with tracks like “Windy Day” and “Deadline” serving up a moody vibe that pairs nicely with the bitter cold: perfect for your brisk walk to work or those moments in the car waiting for your hands to thaw.

On The Dot’s Winter Warmers:

  • “Heart of Glass” by Blondie
  • “Windy Day” by On the Dot
  • “Deadline” by On the Dot

Bleak Mystique

Bleak Mystique have been finding their sound since they formed in May of 2021 at the University of Denver. Each band member — vocalist and guitarist Sam Shapiro, bassist Aidan Hutchings, and keyboardist and guitarist Mitch Segura — has woven their respective influences and tastes into the band’s sound and aesthetic, which they describe as “ornate indie rock with some baroque pop tendencies.” 

Those influences include New Wave standard-bearers like The Cure, The Smiths and The B52s as well as contemporary acts like Wallows and Foster the People. The music hits year-round, but this season the band encourages you to approach their catalog as “a bunch of bangers that are fun to ski to.” 

If you are looking for a more melancholy winter night, their new release “I’d Do Anything For You” is perfect listening for a snow day inside. 

Bleak Mystique’s Winter Warmers:

  • “I’d Have You Anytime” by George Harrison
  • “Romantic” by Mannequin Pussy
  • “I’d Do Anything For You” by Bleak Mystique