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Lord help us

Let’s be frank. It’s been less than two weeks since the Obamas left the White House and Donald moved in and it’s already a lot worse than we thought it was going to be. And that’s saying something because we thought it was going to be worse than having diarrhea in a Texas rest stop on a 110-degree day with the little metal speaker in the ceiling above your stall bathing your sweaty stench-filled cell from hell in a treblely version of Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana.” Yep, it’s worse than that.

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We’re not going to recap all the crazy shit Trump is doing because we know you’re watching his transformation of the White House into an insane asylum as closely as we are.

And that being the case, we know you are likely as pissed off at the newsmedia as we are. There is actually a discussion going on in newsrooms all across America as to whether it’s acceptable to use the word “lie” when referring to the President of the United States. Please, let us offer our opinion: When the president says things that he knows are false, he is a big fat liar. When the newsmedia then reports that the “President used questionable statistics and analysis,” then the news media is a big, fat liar.

If the worthless damn mainstream media had done its job in the first place we wouldn’t be in this position. The same asshats who gave this truly mentally disturbed narcissist billions of dollars worth of free coverage are now trying to figure out the proper etiquette for reporting on the lunatic they put in office who is, as we speak, turning our country into a fascist police state. Maybe they are waiting until their corporate tax cuts go into effect before they use any word so unsavory as “lie.”

Are you kidding?

Here’s a thought. Call our lying president a liar every time he lies. Then do the same thing to every low-life surrogate piece of shit on his payroll who is willing to repeat those same lies in exchange for their well-paid position in Trump’s authoritarian regime. It’s not that hard, really. It sounds like this: President Trump is an emotionally disturbed liar. Kellyanne Conway is a liar who emotionally disturbs the rest of us.  Sean Spicer is a liar who’s such a spineless wussy we almost feel sorry for him. All the Republicans — with the exception of Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul who seems OK calling Trump a liar — are liars due to their silence. They are fully aware they have put a crazy man in charge of their party who is very likely attempting to create a worldwide fascist movement in the U.S., Russia and Europe.

So what to watch for next? The same kind of anti-democratic bills like Colorado’s homegrown fascist State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg is trying to get passed, namely that peaceful protestors who get in the way of oil and gas drilling will be looking at up to 18 months in prison if his bill passes. In North Dakota Republicans passed a bill that allows motorists to run over, even kill, protesters blocking roads. It won’t be long til Trump and the Republicans try to push something similar on the national level.

Yep, it’s already worse than we could have imagined.

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