Tierra Nueva


In this random pick-up-sticks, double helix
Melting pot amalgam and gene pool diaspora
Of multiracial physiognomy, skin color,
And multilingual saga, rhythm, and song
Of European, African, Asian, Semitic,
And Native Peoples world and voice
That is La Tierra Nueva, Las Americas,
What is it, here today, to be a person,
To be, certifiably, a human being,
And can we, that being, intervene
Upon our predisposed tribal fears,
Prejudice, and self judgement of value
And humanity based on heritage,
Wealth, gender, and skin tone?

Are we, the People,
This mixed breed
Born of diversity,
Are we to be deemed
A rich tapestry
Or merely a tattered,
Battle-torn crazy quilt?
History is waiting to see.

Robert Porath is a retired carpenter with a BA in English from CU-Boulder. You can read more at his blog: Notes from the Provinces.

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