Going Back to Bed


Going back to bed
is the ultimate adult dream

Subject of snooze button thoughts
Reasons they may have closed the office
          Growing darker
          Fantasy in the shower

Getting back up in blankets whose
 comfort is based on time of day
with muscles loosened by hot water

lost towel recovered pajamas drop commute
Oh yes pillow & mattress
   Relax so fucking hard

Just a few hours promise
An honest man should be afforded the
   courtesy of a schedule that suits him
The work always gets done no matter
          Mind thus fuzzy it forgets what
it was thinking about when it was a-thinkin’
         Feels like been drinking
           Was there drinking?

Ain’t no need for lyin’
Ain’t no taste for stinkin’
We’re all very tired
Why don’t we take the morning off
Revisit ourselves later

A tables’ only as cozy as the chairs around it

A body makes pay with the dues provided it

In the sun
oh the things that could be done with a day
In the rain
oh the nothing pile of books and movies lay
It’s a pain
knowing how many worse ways
It’s a privilege
so they say

Mumble your half-truth in order to save

Fetal position hope the world doesn’t notice
Disaffected the further moved on reality
Forget the boss’ perpetual profiteering
The disappointment from a phone call-
               His voice is gone now
      Drowned in the television speaking

You did it! You are not the father!

Not a father, barely an employee
More than the sum of dreams
Worthy of a minimum amount of sleep
to process information fairly and health
Feelings are hyper exhausting in themselves

And then when I finally can I smoke my bowl lay back down get awoken by poem
And after poem when I finally do
Problems are the same except they feel good

Matthew Clifford tra-la-las around the Front Range taking himself way too seriously. You can find him at mattclifford.org